Passwords and My Account

Password Changer

To use our online Forgotten Password Changer you must supply the personal email address you have recorded via OSIS/enrolment (or via Yourself if you are Staff).

Is this site secure?

Yes. All pages dealing with login information are encrypted. The information you provide is stored in a secure and encrypted data location and is not available to KU support staff.

Why change a Password?

As a general security measure, it is advisable that you change your password periodically. Or you may simply wish to set your new password to something more memorable or secure. To change your password, click on the Change Password link. If you have not yet answered your security questions you will be prompted to do so before you can change your password. Your new password must be at least 7 characters long.

Please note that KU will never ask for your username and password via email. Neither should any legitimate organisation/service.

Should you be suspicious of any email asking you to enter security information, or with a link to a website asking for such information then we strongly advise you to go to the website manually (as you normally would) rather than using any links embedded within the email, and to check the URL (site address) thoroughly.