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Biodiversity at Kingston University

Our biodiversity vision

Newt from a biodiversity countKingston University is committed to conserving and enhancing biodiversity across its estate while engaging and inspiring its students, staff, and the wider community with biodiversity through involvement in projects and events.

Why is there a need to conserve biodiversity?

Having a diverse and stable ecosystem provides multiple benefits to people. We call these benefits ecosystem services. They can include such things as pollination, flood alleviation, clean air, sources of medicines and so on. Having good access to nature (particularly when living in an urban environment) can also have important benefits to our students such as pleasant surroundings and enhanced well-being and mental acuity.

What are we doing at Kingston University?

Kingston University is in the rare position of being an urban university with a large amount of biodiversity on our campuses that we protect and enhance. Biodiversity projects help our students and staff develop new skills and knowledge whilst building a relationship with the natural world.

The Kingston University Biodiversity Action Group (KUBAG) is a vehicle for students, staff and local community volunteers accessing biodiversity by volunteering on a range of projects including:

    Biodiversity pond
  • eel, riverfly and bat monitoring and training;
  • wildlife surveying;
  • beekeeping;
  • orchard skills;
  • ditch clearances;
  • nature and wildlife guided walks; and
  • rhodo bashes! (and other invasive species control projects).

Key facts 2014/15

  • 132 student/staff/community volunteers.
  • More than 600 volunteer hours.
  • Nine sites.
  • 20 habitat types.
  • Seven animal species with legal standing.

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