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Art & Design History and Practice BA(Hons): What our students say

Student profiles

Don't just take our word for it – here's what students say about what it's like to study at Kingston University.

Sian Milliner

Name: Sian Milliner
Course: History of Art, Design & Film BA(Hons)

"I studied History of Art, Design & Film BA(Hons) and it was one of the best decisions I ever made. The modules were diverse and we were encouraged to find our own voice and interests within each topic.

Being based at Knights Park campus made the experience even better as I was surrounded by like-minded creative people every day with whom I could share ideas and experiences with.

Whilst studying I volunteered and worked for the Stanley Picker Gallery and as a student ambassador for the Faculty of Art, Design & Architecture. I immersed myself as much as possible in the University and what it had to offer. The experiences I gained and the professional relationships I formed helped me to get my current job in the cultural sector."


Eva Manticova

Name: Eva Manticova
Course: History of Art & Design BA(Hons)


"My reflection on studying history of art and design at Kingston University would be best described in one of Roland Barthes' writings: "...a feeling of impatience at the sight of the 'naturalness' with which newspapers, art and common sense constantly dress up a reality which, even though it is the one we live in, is undoubtedly determined by history." (Barthes, 1957)

Drawing on various themes around the histories of art and histories of design, the study at Kingston has, most importantly, enabled us to think critically – asking questions instead of accepting at face value what you hear or read."


Name: Daisy Du Toit

"Being in the School of Art & Design History at Kingston University has completely altered the way that I view the world.

Our classes have taught me how to see and not what to see because we are given the tools to analyse holistically any object from visual culture throughout history.

Being close to central London means that we receive regular informed trips to the top museums and galleries. We also have the advantage of having our lessons on an art campus, which means that we have the opportunity to be exposed to and have access to, the creative environment."


Name: Kathy Liddle

"Art and design history is an exciting subject to study. It provides the analytical tools to understand and interpret historical investigation particularly how the social, economic and political climate affect art and artistic movements.

It has helped me to develop a wide-range of skills including the ability to evaluate and respond to the arguments of others and to assess visual and written evidence.

The lectures are informal and participatory and the lecturers are enthusiastic and encouraging. Knights Park campus, which is situated on the river, is sociable and relaxed and since the tutor groups are small it is easy to meet others and make friends. The programme is intellectually challenging and well supported with stimulating visits to galleries and museums, an excellent library and knowledgeable staff."


Name: Kristin Asdal

Once of the good things about studying Art & Design History at Kingston University is the proximity to London and its access to great museums and galleries, which helps to inspire the development of the assessments.

You get to work with professional and dedicated tutors on a campus, which is characterised by a creative environment. The assessments allow freedom to study your particular interests within a field that will shape your career.


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