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Aviation Operations with Commercial Pilot Training BSc(Hons): What our students say

Student profiles

Don't just take our word for it – here's what students say about what it's like to study at Kingston University.

Alexander Marca

Name: Alexander Marca
Course: Aviation Studies for Commercial Pilot Training Foundation Degree FdEng and BSc(Hons) top-up

"The Kingston University aviation studies course has been essential for me in securing a position with Ryanair. The aviation industry is by nature very competitive and unstable, so putting all the odds on your side is fundamental in improving your chances of success. By the end of the course you will not only have an in-depth knowledge of pilot theory, but also of the aviation industry as a whole.

The course is designed for aspiring commercial airline pilots to gain a frozen Airline Transport Pilot Licence and BSc degree. During the first two years at Bournemouth Airport, I completed my PPL and ATPL ground school. As the ground school covers much more detail than the norm over a longer period of time, you acquire a greater understanding of all the subjects. This helps in securing very good ATPL results, which in turn helped me impress the Ryanair interview panel. During the third year at Kingston University, you cover all the modules of the aeronautical engineering course, as well as an additional airline operations and scheduling module. Numerous progress tests and individual/group reports and presentations along the way help develop good communication skills, confidence, and teamwork. These above average skills will definitely make you stand out from the crowd.

Throughout the course, instructors and lecturers are always available, helpful, professional and very knowledgeable. The atmosphere is friendly and I made some very close friends. The flexible nature of the course means that you can adapt your training to suit your needs. As choosing where to carry out your next stage of training can be difficult, I found that the three years gives you enough time to weigh up all your options."


David Knight

Name: David Knight
Course: Aviation Studies for Commercial Pilot Training Foundation Degree FdEng and BSc(Hons) top-up 

"The decision to pursue a career in civil aviation is one that cannot be taken lightly. Commercial pilot training is expensive, complex and daunting. The Kingston University aviation studies course equipped me with the knowledge and flexibility I needed to secure a job as a first officer with the Europe's largest independent regional airline.

The course is designed for students who want to study for a bachelor of science degree in parallel with professional flight training. Basic flight training and ATPL theory are conducted alongside a standalone 'degree' qualification in Bournemouth. Knowledgeable instructors and modern teaching techniques ensure a solid training foundation for students. The extended teaching period and development of communication skills through technical reports, group projects and presentations instilled a greater depth of understanding which I firmly believe helped me secure my first airline job!

The third-year modules are tailored to give students wider exposure to the aviation industry; I particularly enjoyed Airline Operations and Scheduling module where we were tasked with creating a fictitious airline and presenting our business model to a panel of industry experts.

For me, the course struck the right balance between university education and pilot training. I have made lifelong friends and have had experiences I will always cherish. It also served its purpose perfectly and I look forward to starting my new career as an airline pilot!"


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