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Biomedical Science BSc(Hons): What our students say

Student profiles

Don't just take our word for it – here's what students say about what it's like to study at Kingston University.

Shogofa Lalzad

Name: Shogofa Lalzad
Age: 21
Course: Biomedical Science BSc(Hons)
Level: Year 3
Route to University: International student with A-level equivalent qualification
Accommodation: Lives with family

"I am from Afghanistan, but came to study in the UK because of the high standard of education here. I chose this course because I am very interested in medicine and it has very good lecturers.

"I have really enjoyed the medically-related modules. I like the practicals and you get lots of time for your own study. The lecturers are very good. They are positive, friendly and easy to get hold of.

"Compared to my college, everything is very different. Teaching-wise, you have more opportunity to learn and the chance to improve your knowledge of specialist areas.  

"I've found it very easy to settle in at Kingston. I feel comfortable and more confident because of the knowledge I'm gaining at University. I am working in a pharmacy and the course makes it easier for me to connect with customers. I have a wider range of knowledge, which helps me to explain things to them.

"The course has enabled me to apply for a career in medicine. After I graduate, I hope to go to medical college for another five years' training. I am looking forward to being accepted for this, and then becoming a doctor."


Name: Alastair Muir
Biomedical Science BSc(Hons)
Placement: 12 months at Kew Gardens

Alastair Muir helped to uncover a new 'jumping gene' in a plant belonging to the lily family during his work placement at Kew Gardens. His findings could help solve puzzling questions such as why some plant species have more DNA than humans.

Read more about sandwich year placements on this course.

"It was challenging because I was learning new techniques and using equipment I hadn't used before, but also very rewarding when I finally ironed out the [DNA] code.

"Jumping genes are quite well known and present in all life forms, but as yet not much work has been done on their presence with large amounts of DNA. The information I have uncovered will help scientists to keep chipping away at a puzzle that has been fascinating experts for years."

Alastair gained lots of new skills during his placement, according to Kew's Head of Genetics, Dr Mike Fay: "Alastair's breakthrough shows students on work research placements can achieve marvellous things.

"Working at Kew is a great way to kick-start their careers and gives students the opportunity to investigate a whole range of research interests that affect plant life around the globe.

"Sometimes, like Alastair, they are even lucky enough to discover something that will have a lasting impact on the wider research we do."


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This course is taught at Penrhyn Road

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