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Business Management BSc(Hons) with business experience and choice of specialisms: After you graduate

Careers and progression

Your knowledge, skills and experience will make you attractive to employers. Graduates work in finance, marketing, HR and banking, for companies including Google, HSBC, British Airways and Waitrose. Many start their own businesses, and Kingston is among the top UK institutions for graduate start-up companies. Several graduates gain postgraduate degrees and professional qualifications.

What our graduates say

Check out what our graduates have gone on to do and how studying at Kingston helped them achieve their goals.

John Reilly

Name: John Reilly
Course: Business Management BA(Hons) (is now Business Management BSc(Hons))
Year of graduation: 2013

"The staff were very supportive during my studies – considering I was an adult learner. They took the time to explain items clearly and were interested in my progress.

I am now a project manager for Imtechmeica Ltd, and I have advised my company that the course at Kingston University is well tailored to expand the knowledge and development of individuals. I recommended they advocate the course to individuals that show aspirations to progress.

My ambitions for the future are to either head up a regional office or move into a more strategic development role within the operational side of my business."


Tanvir Ahmed

Name: Tanvir Ahmed
Course: Business Management BA(Hons) (is now Business Management BSc(Hons))
Year of graduation: 2007

"I needed a degree that could prepare me for management, as I wanted to join my family's business in a management role after my studies. It is one of the largest publicly listed companies in Bangladesh and has recently introduced some of its subsidiaries in the country's stock exchange.

The Business and Management degree's combination of mathematics, marketing, accounting, economics, human resources and industrial relations made it impossible for me to choose any other university. Each module I learnt at Kingston still helps me to meet business challenges.

Kingston Business School's modules are designed with the 'real world' in mind. The lecturers and professors use a lot of real life examples to relate theory to practice. They're passionate about what they are teaching; and are very patient and encouraging."


Tajinderpal Singh Ginda (Taj)

Name: Tajinderpal Singh Ginda (Taj)
Course: Business Management BA(Hons) (is now Business Management BSc(Hons))
Year of graduation: 2013

"When I came to Kingston I didn't believe in myself. The teaching staff, my personal tutor and the careers and employability department supported me to achieve my goals.

My degree has helped me obtain a graduate role and has enhanced my presentation skills, communication skills, professional persona and time management.

I won't forget my university experience at Kingston – it has been great."


Tinaye Munonyara

Name: Tinaye Munonyara
Course: Business Management BA(Hons) (is now Business Management BSc(Hons))

Tinaye won seven enterprise awards for his extra-curricular activities while at the University and he was named as a 'future leader' in the inaugural annual list of UK top 100 graduates.

Thoughts on the Business Management BA(Hons) degree course

"I studied and achieved 2.1 Business Management BA(Hons) with a one-year industrial placement. The modules I did were well structured in equipping me to develop well-rounded practical business skills such as presenting, working in a team, gaining new technical skills, dealing with case studies as well as analysing businesses and markets. The different modules for each year exposed me to various concepts about business with a practical element as we were assessed (assignments, group work, research, exams, presentations, online quizzes) in ways that ensured we could apply what we were learning.

"The personal and professional development (PPD) module was something I found particularly beneficial for setting goals, reviewing my progress and improving myself. The one-year placement was good for gaining practical experience and being exposed to various business roles and functions. Fellow students who did this all agreed it was immensely valuable and we all seemed to return to our final year more mature, focused and decisive about our future career plans."

One-year industrial placement as a student support assistant at Kingston University

"This placement was great as it gave me a lot of scope to initiate ideas and be heard, helping me apply what I learned through theory and exposing me to various business roles and functions within the University. I provided assistance to the Director of Undergraduate Programmes and Quality Assurance in initiatives related to improving the student experience, often drawing upon my own experience as a student. Working within the Student Liaison Team, I provided an advisory service to students on a range of day-to-day problems and raised awareness of various other faculty initiatives such as competitions, careers events and networking opportunities for students to meet potential employers.

"I created and organised promotional materials and developed marketing communications plans for events which I presented to careers and faculty staff, and then carried out to involve students in order to achieve targets and meeting deadlines. I got to host several successful events and initiatives which included heading up a marketing campaign for an event hosting the first-ever winner of Lord Sugar's The Apprentice – Tim Campbell."

Thoughts on the Business School

"The Learning Resources Centre had loads of relevant books and other learning materials such as DVDs and CDs which assisted in our learning. There was also the Business and Law Academic Skills Centre (BLASC) to assist us with our writing in preparing for assignments. This I found was particularly good for international students, as some did not have English as their first language; this service helped them understand the conventions of English academic writing. The meeting rooms were ideal for group meetings and practising for group presentations with use of some of the most advanced technology.

"Teaching was very practical with relevance to modern case studies; further support was available from very friendly and approachable lecturers and tutors who had visiting times where they could assist with any issues. Further support was available online through chat rooms and forums, where we not only engaged as students but also connected with university staff. This was quick and easy communication which was also good if you could not make appointments to see lecturers. There was also a lot of enterprise support through competitions, like the 'Bright Ideas' competition, which allows students to turn theory into practice."

Thoughts on Kingston University

"It is a great place to learn, located close to central London with a good environment upon the River Thames and vibrant society which creates a good work-life balance. Teaching programmes, methods of assessment, world-class research and links with industry experts help students to apply and practise what is being learned. There are more than 80 societies and clubs to join. This is great for extra-curricular activities, meeting new people and being part of the wider Kingston and London community."

Why I chose this course

"I wanted to get into management and thought this would help me develop the necessary skills and experience to follow this path. I eventually discovered more about myself which has set me on an exciting entrepreneurial journey, meeting new people and building on my academic and personal as well as professional skills."

Why I chose to study at Kingston

"I came up for an open day and I liked how leafy, welcoming, vibrant and multicultural Kingston was; the exquisite views of the riverside were to die for and my research helped me establish that Kingston had a top Business School. This really got me excited and I chose Kingston over five other unconditional university offers I had."

After graduation

"Since graduating I have worked in roles within sales and marketing, which included an internship within a business-to-business (B2B) environment enhancing the selling and marketing of bespoke eLearning content to large and mid-sized enterprises and then going on to work in a management role heading up sales within a fast- paced start-up company selling educational events. I once pursued a venture which failed but the learning experience was invaluable.

"Pioneering into the mobile learning space, I have also founded Liztan Solutions, which provides world-class digital solutions through innovative smart-phone applications for both B2B and business-to-consumer (B2C) markets. My first mobile-learning app called StudyKit ProTM was recently approved by Apple Inc and is achieving thousands of downloads worldwide through the iPhone, iPod-touch and iPad devices. This app aims to solve problems in education and to transform the way people learn, helping to make the learning experience easier, enjoyable and more engaging."

Achievements and plans for the future

"While at university, I achieved seven enterprise awards for my extra-curricular activities, was named as a 'future leader' in the inaugural annual list of UK top 100 graduates and then invited to the House of Lords to be awarded at a special ceremony. The seven awards include 'Most Enterprising Student 2010' for running enterprise projects while attending university and 'Society of the Year 2010' as Vice-President of Kingston Entrepreneurs' Society. I was also part of a team of six students that represented Kingston University at the national finals of the UK's largest student enterprise competition – Flux 500. We had to resolve a real business challenge within two days in a Dragons'-Den-meets-The-Apprentice-style competition where we developed, planned and presented a strategy for the business challenge to a judging panel of 10 business experts.

"I recently won a UK Shell LiveWIRE award. Shell LiveWIRE is UK's biggest online community for young entrepreneurs aged 16 to 30. Winning this award gave me access to some funding, continued support from Shell and networking opportunities.

"I was also recently named in the Intuit 100UP 2012 – a selected 100 of the UK's most promising and inspiring start-up companies chosen by Intuit, the National Association of College and University Entrepreneurs (NACUE) and the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS). I represented the UK at the Global Entrepreneurship Congress (GEC) 2012 in Liverpool in March 2012, where with other members of the community I met the Business and Enterprise Minister Mark Prisk and delegates from around the world to share expertise and views on entrepreneurship.

"Plans for the future include sourcing further investment, building a larger international user-base, further developing StudyKit ProTM and launching it across several mobile platforms. I also have more apps in the pipeline and aim to take on development projects to serve both B2C and B2B clients."


Martin Thomas

Name: Martin Thomas
Course: Business Management BA (is now Business Management BSc(Hons))

"I chose to study a Business Management BA(Hons) at Kingston University. I undertook this course as I wanted to obtain a holistic view of the world of business. I knew I wanted to specialise in a specific business area, but I didn't know what that area was. Business management gave me a taste of nearly every type of business category, from human resources to corporate law. I really liked the atmosphere and look of the Kingston Hill campus and the Business School had a good reputation as an all-round business school. My most stimulating experiences from university have to have been the group work for research projects and presentations. Ironically, I do remember actively hating them while I was doing them but, without a doubt, they provided me with the most transferable experience into the real working environment.

"Securing a first-class degree was a huge advantage in entering the job market. I actually secured a position as marketing manager within a month of receiving my final grade. One of the biggest strengths of the knowledge I obtained throughout my degree was the ability to understand and empathise with the roles and responsibilities of others within an organisation.

"I would recommend my course to anyone who is interested in pursuing a qualification in business. The Business Management BA(Hons) gives you the flexibility in module selection to let you direct the focus of your degree in the second and third years, giving you the opportunity to either focus your degree in a particular area or increase your foundation knowledge in a range of subjects."


Name: Tito Miguel Basto
Course: Business Management BA(Hons) (is now Business Management BSc(Hons))
Current job: Junior strategic marketing consultant, Banco Espírito Santo
Location: Lisbon, Portugal

"I chose to study business management at Kingston because of the broad nature of the course, which covers every aspect of the subject. This was ideal for me as I didn't have a specific area of interest.

"The reputation of the University and the beautiful campus were also big draws. The number of international students was an extra incentive as it was my first time living in a foreign country.

"Luckily, the course lived up to my expectations. It offered a wide variety of modules and I could select the ones I enjoyed most. The staff helped in any way they could and had an open door policy at all times.

"The University also has lots of social activities on offer. I joined the football and rugby teams, for example. This helped me get my current job because it showed I'm well rounded, as did the fact that I studied abroad and lived in London.

"I am now working for the second largest bank in Portugal. My job is difficult to summarise because of the wide variety of tasks it involves. But one of the things I do is develop new products for the bank. This involves market analysis and customer profiling.

"My studies at Kingston have helped me in several ways: I've found the most important lessons were the practical and group work, curiously the aspects I thought were least important at the time.

"The practical sessions have taught me how to deal with people and work in a team, crucial for my job. The theoretical part of the course sharpened my thinking process, which has become more coherent and in line with the business world.

"Kingston offers you a great course that you can personalise by selecting the modules you believe are best for you. The staff are friendly and always available, which is crucial during exam periods or when you need help with assignments. The social life is also fantastic. Kingston is known all around the UK for its nightlife."


Examples of recent graduate destinations

Types of jobs

  • accountant
  • bank cashier
  • compliance officer
  • finance officer
  • marketing manager
  • HR administrator
  • personal banker and adviser
  • programme management officer
  • researcher
  • stock broker


  • Google
  • Global Geophysical Services
  • HSBC
  • NatWest
  • London College of Management Studies
  • Tesco
  • Parcel Force
  • British Airways
  • Media Rich
  • London Metal Exchange
  • Waitrose

In addition to building expertise in your own discipline, our courses will also help you to develop key transferable skills that you'll need for professional life or further study once you graduate. 

As well as a range of careers and employability activities at Kingston, we also offer you the chance to apply and develop your skills in live contexts as an integral part of your course. Opportunities include:

  • placements;
  • working or studying abroad;
  • volunteering;
  • peer mentoring roles; and
  • internship opportunities within and outside the University.

In your final year, you'll get the opportunity to complete a major 'capstone' project where you can apply the knowledge and skills you have acquired to a range of real issues in different contexts. This is a great way to learn and is a valuable bridge to employment or further research at masters level.

Courses available after you graduate

If you decide that you would like to go on to postgraduate study after your undergraduate course, we offer a 10 per cent discount on our postgraduate course tuition fees to our alumni. Here are some courses that might interest you:

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