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Chemistry BSc(Hons): What our students say

Student profiles

Don't just take our word for it – here's what students say about what it's like to study at Kingston University.

Name: Steven Merritt 
Course: Chemistry BSc(Hons)

"The lecturers at Kingston genuinely care about their students and always seem available to assist you. I've had responses to emails near midnight for questions I've asked before deadlines! It's this attitude to lecturing which makes Kingston a great university."


Name: Daniel Elford
Level: third year

"As someone who has always wanted to join a scientific profession, I knew from an early age that chemistry was what I wanted to study. Now as a third-year student, I can say with ease that Kingston was definitely the right choice; the labs and equipment accessible to you is great and with a teaching staff to match, you really can't go wrong!

Even though there are other universities in London that teach chemistry, Kingston University appealed to me the most because of the practical application of what you learn in the classroom. Whether you are looking to do MChem with an industrial placement or the BSc(Hons) degree, the hands-on experience will more than prepare you for industry.

The big question many people ask themselves is "what can I do with a chemistry degree?" Well the possibilities are endless. Britain's first woman prime minister and the first Briton in space both had chemistry degrees, so don't think it's all about lab work! The broad range of skills learnt on the course sets you up for many career paths outside of science.

Furthermore, Kingston as a town is a very nice place to live. Situated on the outskirts of London, it still has a lot to offer but is not so busy and 'in your face'. However, if venturing into central London is something that appeals to you, there are two train stations situated near the University. If not, there are many parks and facilities to go lose yourself in including bowling, shopping centres, a cinema, restaurants and much more.

For studying chemistry, you can't go wrong at Kingston University. With the broad range of theory taught and the large amount of hands on experience, a Kingston chemistry degree will set you up for a successful future."


Sophia Shah

Name: Sophia Shah
Course: Chemistry BSc(Hons)

"The Chemistry BSc(Hons) course at Kingston stood out to me because of the balance between lectures, workshops and practical sessions, as well as the great location of the university. Throughout the course I have enjoyed the practical sessions the most because it gave us a chance to experience firsthand what we had learnt in lectures, and to try it out for ourselves.

After I graduate, I intend to stay on at Kingston to complete my PGCE in secondary science. This would only have been possible with the support of my lecturers, and the education I had received at Kingston."


Naffy Said Ali

Name: Naffy Said Ali
Course: Chemistry BSc(Hons)


"I chose to study in Kingston because it is a very multicultured location. The place is beautiful and with the River Thames flowing through it, makes is a nice place to relax and just spend time with your friends. Kingston is a very warm and serene place to learn.

The lecturers and facilities are great. They were very helpful when it came to industrial placement – with CV workshops and mock interviews to help me with my application. I am planning to further my studies into masters in drug design and hopefully go into the research field one day!"


Kazuyo Stevens

Name: Kazuyo Stevens
Age: 30
Course: Biology with Chemistry BSc(Hons)
Level: Year 3
Route to University: Mature student via foundation course
Accommodation: Rents own flat

"I came to the UK from Japan in 1999 and had been teaching Japanese part-time in a private school, but I found it difficult to obtain a work permit visa with only one subject to teach. This degree is the first step to starting a new teaching qualification with more subjects, in my case biology and chemistry.

I chose to study at Kingston because I was looking for a university that had a foundation course as I had no educational background in the UK. Since being here, I have found the lectures very stimulating, encouraging and challenging. All the lecturers are very helpful. 

About the second semester of the second year, I realised that we should not consider each module as an individual topic and that the different subjects are interrelated. I found I could actually use knowledge from one lecture to help myself understand the topic in another and that was really interesting.

Compared to college, university is more demanding.  In lectures, we are given an outline of the topic from which we have to start our own study. It is not enough to only learn what is given in the lectures; we have to do more reading outside the class to extend our knowledge.

There are many advantages to being a mature student. I am more organised than when I was younger. I am also more determined than when I was 18 (when I first started university in Japan). I know why I am doing this degree – I have always wanted to teach and this course is the first step towards my future career."


Safia Zeghiche

Name: Safia Zeghiche
Age: 21
Course: Medicinal Chemistry BSc(Hons) four-year sandwich course
Level: Year 2
Route to University: International student with A-levels
Accommodation: Halls of residence

"I am from France but decided to study in Britain, partly to improve my language skills, but also because I wanted to do a specialised degree straight away. In France you cannot specialise – everybody studies the same things until after they have been at university for four or five years.

I chose this course because I studied chemistry, but preferred biology. In France I would have to have continued in chemistry. Medicinal chemistry allows me to mix both biology and chemistry and, after graduating, maybe choose to study just biology. 

I came to Kingston because a friend in France had been here and told me about the University. I like the town as it's near London, there are lots of shops – and it doesn't rain nearly as much as I expected!

On the course I have enjoyed learning about cells and tissue. It's very interesting. I really also like organic chemistry. Generally, I find it interesting to talk about the human system.

The teaching is very good. I like the workshops because we are close to the teacher so, if you don't understand something, you can ask questions. Also, if you need to, you can see the tutors in their offices to go through things.

I haven't had any problems settling in at the University, although the language can be difficult. I understand what I need to on the course, but one of the teachers is very funny and unfortunately I can't always understand his jokes!"


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This course is taught at Penrhyn Road

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