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Civil Engineering BEng(Hons): What our students say

Student profiles

Don't just take our word for it – here's what students say about what it's like to study at Kingston University.

A student's view of Kingston:

"This is my third year at Kingston University and I'll actually be finishing my course in just one and a half months. I have been studying a Civil Engineering BEng, full-time for three years. I have really enjoyed the past three years - loved them actually - and would definitely recommend Kingston if you are thinking of coming here. It will be a very good experience.

"My sister studied here before me. So I already knew that Kingston was a very good university and I found out by searching through the university guides that it also has great labs. So studying Civil Engineering here is not only theoretical, it is practical too. You can actually see the things that you learn.

"I loved my time here, even though I didn't use to be a very good student. I was a B student at school, but when I came here, I got all enthusiastic. I really loved what I was doing and I still do. I would definitely recommend it. It's been one of the best experiences of my life.

"You have everything in Kingston - a nice town, great shops, amazing pubs. You can do all sorts of stuff."


A student's view of our teaching:

"I chose Kingston because of the wide variety of classes it offers for civil engineering. I also talked to one of my friends back home who had been here herself, and she said it was a great place to learn. And I do like the teaching here – the teachers are very friendly and willing to work with you."

"The nightlife is awesome. The student pubs are a great way to meet people outside the classroom. Plus it is close to London."


A student's view of our field trips:

"This is a very varied course, covering everything you would want in a civil engineering degree – geology, geotechnics, structures, hydraulics, lots of practicals, field trips, everything really.

"The course puts engineering into practice out in the field. You can see the whole history of engineering in one place in the Lake District. You can see the rocks, you can see the buildings – all the structures that the Victorians put up to hold water – it is all there.

"And the surveying course – I knew nothing about surveying when I started the course. But it was the first thing I did when I joined and it was very good. I was learning things immediately that I could go on to site and employ."


A view of student life:

"The civil engineering course is theoretical, but also practical. Living in halls was great. I met so many people from so many different nationalities and everyone was very friendly."


Why one student chose Kingston:

"I chose Kingston University just because it is one of the best universities for civil engineering."


A student view of a field trip:

"We went on a field trip to study geology. We visited the Caldew Valley, which is a U-shaped valley, and learnt about how it was formed. We also visited a quarry to learn about the exploitation of materials, a mine and a water treatment works.

"We had to write a report as a group, which was good experience of working in a team. If something doesn't go well, you have to fix it by communicating with your team mates."


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This course is taught at Penrhyn Road

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This course is taught at Penrhyn Road

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