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Fine Art & Art History BA(Hons): What our students say

Student profiles

Don't just take our word for it – here's what students say about what it's like to study at Kingston University.

Hannah Terry

Name: Hannah Terry
Course: Fine Art and Art History BA(Hons)
Route to university: Art Foundation course

"I started doing a degree in Art History and French at a university outside London, but decided to change courses because I wanted to do something that encompassed the practical side of art. 

"I also wanted to be London-based because that's where all the main galleries and events are.  After looking at several London universities, I chose Kingston.

"It has amazing facilities with its own photographic workshop. I also found Kingston to be very forward thinking. It's not just riding on its reputation. And I really liked the town, which feels like a nicer, safer version of London.

"I've loved the freedom of the art course. It's student led. You manage your own timetable.  You produce work for the tutorials and seminars, but you can come and go from the studio as you please.   

"The teaching is brilliant. The lecturers know you by name and, compared to my first university, you get a lot more one-to-one teacher contact at Kingston. The teachers are all practising artists and they are really keen to help as much as they can. You could have a tutorial every day if you wanted. This was not the case at some of the universities I visited.

"During the course you are encouraged to put on your own exhibitions. I found these very rewarding and they give you real experience to put on your CV.  In addition to the Degree Show, the Faculty organised several other exhibitions. I took part in one at Canary Wharf and one at Bethnal Green. 

"The course also provided the opportunity to go on some great trips. I went to New York, Italy and San Francisco. Going as a big group made it really cheap and so much fun.  The tutors who took us had a lot of knowledge and knew all the places to visit. It was like a holiday, but also a real education. You see what is possible for an artist internationally and the art we saw has inspired my work. 

"The course has really helped to clarify my ambitions. Before coming to Kingston, I had no idea what being a practising artist involved. I had not anticipated graduating as enthusiastic as I now am. It has completely fuelled my desire and I definitely want to carry on with what I've been taught. I feel totally inspired."


Kendra Bucknell

Name: Kendra Bucknell
Course: History of Art, Design and Film BA(Hons)
Route to university: A-levels

"I had always had an interest in Art History and found Kingston to have very understanding lecturers which drew me to the University.  I like the variety of subjects on offer here and have enjoyed the campus atmosphere immensely; it always feels alive, moving, thinking and, above all, creative.

"As a dyslexic student at Kingston I have been impressed with the dedication my tutors have shown. The staff on the course are very understanding and happy to help with any problems or queries.   I have found my lecturers enthusiastic, knowledgeable and accommodating.

"During my time at Kingston, I have become involved with the Students' Union. I am the campus representative and also the second year representative for my course and its parallel course of Visual and Material Culture. In addition to this, I work at the Students' Union bar. So far I have really enjoyed all this, particularly the bar's atmosphere and just how much fun it can be.

"I haven't yet totally decided what my long-term ambitions are, but this course is definitely helping me decide what direction I would like to go in."


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This course is taught at Knights Park

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