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History BA(Hons): What our students say

Student profiles

Don't just take our word for it – here's what students say about what it's like to study at Kingston University.


Name: Teresa
Course: History BA(Hons)

"One of the best experiences of my final-year in history has been the Worklink module, a module students can chose to do if they want to gain experience in the heritage sector. Worklink students are assigned to a heritage organisation (museum, archive, library etc), where we work for 12 weeks (one day a week) during our final years. I had already been volunteering over the summer at an organisation in my home town and was able carry on there for my Worklink experience. I've been working at Fort Nelson Royal Armouries in Portsmouth.

My role as a museum assistant was varied and great fun – this picture is of me leading the daily gun firing! I also helped design and lead ‘handling' sessions where members of the public are able to examine artefacts from the museum's collections. I organised events like ‘Walk the Fort,' a treasure hunt that I designed for children around the Fort's grounds.

I loved the people I worked with; they were so helpful, gave me loads of opportunities to experience different aspects of the job and lots of advice on careers in the heritage sector. This has been the best job I have ever had! The Worklink module was so great because it was really good to be outside the classroom and get some practical experience in a sector I think I really want to work in. It's great experience and it looks great on your CV – especially in the heritage sector where you must have work experience to get a permanent job. Fortunately I've been offered a permanent post at the museum and will begin working there in a full-time paid positon once I've finished my finals."

Teresa fires an original British 6 pounder gun that was used by the Royal Horse Artillery during the Battle of Waterloo as part of her role as Museum Assistant at Fort Nelson

Pictured: Teresa fires an original British 6 pounder gun that was used by the Royal Horse Artillery during the Battle of Waterloo as part of her role as museum assistant at Fort Nelson.


Idries Hassan

Name: Idries Hassan
Course: History BA(Hons)

"I have successfully completed the second year of my History BA(Hons). Kingston University has provided me with the tools I need to succeed in my course, and I feel that with the trajectory my course is leading me to, I am becoming increasingly prepared for the world of work.

The distinction between advancement from A-level to higher education became clear upon receiving my assignments in my first year of university. The level of work expected of me was not what I was used to, but whenever I needed help in my work I was given lots of support by the history staff.

At the start of my first term, it became evident that lecturers carefully designed their lectures to cover all my assignments. Due to the passion the lecturers show in their teaching, lectures often leaft me interested in topics that I had never before considered. The availability of online resources on Kingston University's databases means that lecture presentations and seminar documents are always accessible to me, either at home or at university.

Gradually over time I have developed enough courage to express my opinions more confidently in seminars. This is due to the relaxed environment created by the seminar leaders and my fellow students. Seminars not only encourage me to think deeply about topics covered in the lecture, but also to acknowledge the relevance of the topics that we are studying. My seminars also provide me with the chance to raise questions about anything that I had not understood in the lectures."


Susan Ruggles

Name: Susan Ruggles
Course: History BA(Hons)

"Since I graduated I have gone on to qualify as a solicitor and currently practise corporate law in an international law firm in the City. Law is a competitive field and the skills, experiences and knowledge that I acquired throughout my undergraduate degree have been invaluable in helping me throughout my career to date.

During my degree I was hugely impressed by the standard of teaching, the breadth of subjects on offer throughout the course and the genuine interest the history lecturers showed in their students. I had always been, and continue to be, fascinated by history and the knowledge the lecturers had and the passion they showed for their specialist fields made the degree both interesting and rewarding.

The teaching style was also a factor which made my degree such a pleasurable experience. Lectures were interesting and delivered in a user-friendly form. Lively debates were common in seminars, during which I developed the skill of presenting my arguments in a logical and reasoned manner and the presentations which I gave developed my confidence in public speaking. Throughout the course I also developed my ability to write clearly and persuasively, to conduct efficient and thoughtful research and to present that research in various formats, from oral reports to extended essays.

The skills I developed throughout my degree are of such a transferable nature that they are crucial to any industry and they have undoubtedly helped me greatly. Following my degree I undertook a Postgraduate Diploma in Law and the Legal Practice Course, both at the College of Law in London. Even though I was studying a different subject area, the skills of researching an issue and then presenting a concise and well-reasoned argument which I developed during my degree were invaluable. Indeed, during my training contract (the two years of 'on the job training' which is compulsory to qualify as a solicitor) and my time as a qualified solicitor, I continue to build on the skills I gained during my undergraduate history degree."


Stephanie McAulay

Name: Stephanie McAulay
Course: History BA(Hons)

"I left school when I was 16 because I didn't really know what I wanted to do. I spent six years working in call centres and doing customer service type roles. But I knew I didn't want a career in customer services.

My husband and a lot of my friends had been to university. This got me thinking that maybe I could go back and study to do something I actually wanted to do.

I did A-level evening classes and found history really interesting so I decided to do it at degree level. I wasn't sure which university to go to, but I heard Kingston's history course had a good reputation with a high standard of teaching.

Then, when I spoke to the staff, they were really nice. They seemed enthusiastic about having me on the course and very enthusiastic about their subject. It really endeared them to me.

I have loved the breadth of things I have been able to study on the course. The topics for GCSEs and A-levels are quite constricted, whereas here I have been able to do all sorts of different things; politics, sociology, different periods of history and different aspects of history within each topic.

The teaching has been fantastic. I found going back to writing essays, after a number of years' break, quite difficult. But the lecturers are really supportive. If you bring in a draft of your work, they'll go through it with you. I've also made use of the services the University offers such as the Skills courses on essay writing.

When I graduate I plan to do a diploma in law and eventually train as a barrister. The course has really helped me focus my attention on what I am genuinely interested in and what I actually want to do in my career. But, above all, it's just been really good fun."


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