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Human Geography BA(Hons): What our students say

Student profiles

Don't just take our word for it – here's what students say about what it's like to study at Kingston University.

Oliver Holland, Regina Hamilton and Francesca Green discuss their experiences on their respective geography undergraduate courses:


Tom Austin

Name: Tom Austin
Age: 19
Course: Geography BSc(Hons)
Level: Completed first year
Route to University: A-levels
Accommodation: Halls of residence


"Geography is a subject I have always been interested in. It offers a wide range of skills and there are always new issues to discuss. I think it's really important to enjoy your degree subject if you want you to do well in your studies.

"Originally I went to another university, but I was disappointed with the course. Within the first two weeks I decided to transfer to Kingston.

"Since transferring, I haven't looked back – it's one of the best decisions of my life. Coming here has been such a good, fulfilling experience. Not just on the academic side of things, but also University life at Kingston in general.

"The town is a really great place to live. There's a good choice of shops and places to go out. Plus central London is only 30 minutes away. I've met lots of people from all over the world and made some really good friends. 

"There are also loads of University-organised activities – unfortunately there's not enough time to do everything! But I have joined the scuba diving club, which was something I had never done before. My only regret is that I didn't join the football team.

"The course itself has been both enjoyable and interesting. I have re-visited subjects I studied at A-level in a lot more depth. I have also studied new areas, such as geographical information systems and census geography. Plus I have developed a range of skills, including written abilities and oral presentations. 

"The field trips have been brilliant. It's good to study at sites, rather than just through textbooks, and the trips are a great opportunity to get better acquainted with people on the course.

"I have also found some of the lectures really stimulating and thought provoking. The teaching is very good, but the lessons took a bit of getting used to at first. At college information is, in a sense, spoon fed to you, whereas at Kingston you have to think for yourself. I've particularly liked the method of teaching via power point and compiling notes on each lecture in my own format.

"The course has been hard at times. I haven't always understood new subjects straight away. The only solution to this is to work. As long as I research anything I don't understand, I'm fine. I've found the library is a very good source of information. And, of course, the lecturers are always available to answer any questions.

"Next year I have been accepted to participate in an exchange programme in the US. This is another great opportunity offered by Kingston University and I can't wait to experience life and study over there."


Name: Dan Ridett
Age: 22
Course: Geography BSc(Hons)
Level: Completed second year
Route to university: A-levels
Accommodation: Halls of residence in first year; university tenancy property in second year

"I chose to do a geography degree because it was my favourite subject at school. Luckily the degree and University life have lived up to my expectations.

"I've loved the course and found everything about it really interesting. I like both the lecturers and the way the degree is structured. You do four modules from beginning to end, followed by another four. This makes life much easier than trying to learn eight modules all at once. 

"I've particularly enjoyed learning about different countries. I've also liked the variety of different modules – looking at how China's been changing in one, London and poverty in another. Next year I'll be studying Canada and Australia. 

The field trips have also been really good. You work hard during the day – sometimes we work in small groups or on our own. But in the evenings everyone meets up, talks about their day, goes for a meal and on to bar or club. You have fun and get to know your course mates really well. The Isle of Wight was a great start to the first year. The trip is for the whole School of Geography, so straight away you get to know loads of people.

"The only part of the course I've struggled with is some of the computing work, such as census data. But it's OK once you're shown how to structure it. The exams can be tough, but you just learn to revise – although I did try to do it from the pub in the first year!"


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This course is taught at Penrhyn Road

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