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Interior Design BA(Hons): After you graduate

Careers and progression

Our graduates enter a variety of fields within spatial design and the creative industries, notably architectural and interior design practice, exhibition design, museum design and television production design. Graduates work for major companies such as Brinkworth, Universal Design Studio, Campaign, Fitch, Foster + Partners and Prada.

Examples of recent graduate destinations

The ethos of professionalism is planned and delivered through the course curriculum at all levels.

Delivery of employability is staged and structured via your progression through and across course levels so that you are effectively equipped for the world of work on your graduation from the course.

As a result of our courses' active engagement with employability at all levels, our graduates go on to a varied range of internships and destinations across the creative industries.

  • United Designers – design team members and leaders
  • Prada – head of visual merchandising, Asia
  • Foster and Partners – design team members
  • Reiss – retail design
  • Freelance production design

What our graduates say

Check out what our graduates have gone on to do and how studying at Kingston helped them achieve their goals.

Emma Staubo

Name: Emma Staubo
Course: Interior Design BA(Hons)
Current role and company: Interior designer at SJ-Arkitekter in Oslo, Norway

Why did you choose Kingston?

I chose Kingston after going to the 'Free Range' exhibition in London. The student work from Kingston was at a very high standard and the work seemed very interesting. I preferred the graphics, the design of the portfolios and the stand that Kingston presented to the other exhibitors. The fact that we would have our own desks, a large workshop and other great facilities such as large computer rooms and libraries also helped my decision. During the open day tour, one of the tutors at the time, Ted, gave a great impression of the course and the university, which I now have experienced to be true.

What did you gain from your experience at Kingston and how has this prepared you for your career?

The course has thought me skills that are significant in my job. The illustrating and model making skills are great tools to communicate and explore ideas. The course also helped me to develop my creative skills and how to develop an idea into a project and into something physical. The way the three years have been organized works very well, you first learn the basics and then learn how to apply them.

If you had any advice for prospective students, what would it be?

My advise would be to take in as much as possible, ask questions, learn from your mistakes, listen, explore, don't over complicate, and enjoy your studies.


Margaux Lhermitte

Name: Margaux Lhermitte
Course: Interior Design BA(Hons)
Current job: Project Manager, Naço
Location: Shanghai

Within two years of graduating, Margaux was responsible for running a brand new office with a team of ten designers reporting to her. She loves her job and thrives on the responsibility. 

"I loved the course – the tutors were very interesting and made the degree really challenging. I also learned a lot from the guest tutors who were practising professionals and I really enjoyed working late in the studio. One of the great things about Kingston is the big studio students work in.

"The highlights of my degree were: the great people I met; doing the Erasmus exchange in Finland; and best of all, my final year teacher who gave me an enthusiasm for China. From his experience, I decided to work in Shanghai.

"However, after graduating I went back to my home country of France. I found having a diploma from the UK helped me a lot and I got a job as an interior designer at Western Design, a design agency in Paris. But I still wanted to work in China and, in January 2005, I went to Shanghai for two weeks, attending interviews at over 20 architecture agencies. The experience was great; I had a lot of good comments about my work and a few job offers. But none were exactly what I was looking for. So I went back to Paris.

"In March 2005 I got a position at Naço, a French architecture studio that was opening an office in Shanghai. Naço is divided in three parts: architecture, design and graphic design.  This means we provide a complete design service for our clients. For example, with a hotel we take care of the architecture, the interior design, furniture design and graphic identity such as logo and signage.

"I spent eight months in the Paris office, working as an interior designer and being trained for China. Then in October 2005 I started the office in Shanghai with two other designers. By early 2006 there were ten designers under my supervision. I organise the project schedules, decide who will work on what and report to the Paris office. I also follow projects onsite, build our client-base and take care of publicity. We are developing projects in Beijing and Tokyo, as well as Shanghai, which means lots of travel. It is a tough job, but I love it!

"I enjoy the travel, having a lot of responsibility and I like the fact that, even though I am young, people listen to me. My studies at Kingston gave me the foundation I needed to succeed in my career. As well as developing a very strong creativity, I acquired the capacity to analyse situations. My advice to those starting their degree is: be creative, show the best of yourself and study for your future. The world is in your hands, if you want, you can!"


In addition to building expertise in your own discipline, our courses will also help you to develop key transferable skills that you'll need for professional life or further study once you graduate. 

As well as a range of careers and employability activities at Kingston, we also offer you the chance to apply and develop your skills in live contexts as an integral part of your course. Opportunities include:

  • placements;
  • working or studying abroad;
  • volunteering;
  • peer mentoring roles; and
  • internship opportunities within and outside the University.

In your final year, you'll get the opportunity to complete a major 'capstone' project where you can apply the knowledge and skills you have acquired to a range of real issues in different contexts. This is a great way to learn and is a valuable bridge to employment or further research at masters level.

Courses available after you graduate

If you decide that you would like to go on to postgraduate study after your undergraduate course, we offer a 10 per cent discount on our postgraduate course tuition fees to our alumni. Here are some courses that might interest you:

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