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Interior Design BA(Hons): What our students say

Student profiles

Don't just take our word for it – here's what students say about what it's like to study at Kingston University.

Bethan Glew

Name: Bethan Glew
Course: BA (Hons) Interior Design
Route to University: A-levels and Foundation
Year of graduation: 2016

Why did you choose Kingston University?

"A number of factors influenced my decision. One of them was the University's close proximity to central London. I liked the way Kingston wasn't hectic but it also allowed me to go into central London easily whenever I wanted.

"I also looked on the website before I applied, and I saw some of the students' work which I thought it was impressive and inspiring. I knew I wanted to produce work in a similar style."

Did you do a foundation degree first and was it of benefit?

"Before Kingston, I did my A-levels where I studied Art. Afterwards, I did a Foundation in Swansea which was the main stepping stone because it was very informative in giving information about good design courses. That was when I heard about Kingston.

"I was told it was compulsory to do the Foundation course in order to do Interior Design at Kingston. However, there were a few people in my year that hadn't... but I thought it eased the jump from school to university, and helped to broaden my thinking."

What skills did your degree course give you?

"Looking back I think it was my worst experiences that actually gave me the best skills. For example, having to do presentations in the first year was scary but it was actually a really good experience because it gave me the confidence to talk about my work in front of an audience. This developed my presentation skills and prepared me for the workplace."

How has your degree opened doors or enhanced your job prospects?

"In my first year, I was awarded a scholarship, which on the Interior Design course is given to two people in the first year and then two people in the second year. It is called the Lynne Holland Award and it gives you £5,000 off of your tuition fees. Although I didn't see it [directly] the thought of its support was really encouraging.

"The university also organised trips at least once a year to places such as Venice and Switzerland. I went on a trip to Amsterdam. It was quite expensive but I found it really educational.

"At the end of the second year I applied for internships and, with the help of Kingston University tutors, I secured an internship at Universal Design Studios. I worked there full-time for six weeks during the summer. Afterwards, I asked whether I could stay on one day a week until Christmas, which I did. Finally, in September 2016 I was given a six-month contract to work there full-time."

Were there any obstacles to overcome in starting and then completing your course at university?

"Money was a huge challenge but when I started university I got a part-time job and worked all the way through university. I was always a bit stressed when it came to money and especially because the course is really expensive when considering going to exhibitions and material expenses. It is a big commitment. Having a job really helped financially but it was hard at times with time-management and having to balance it alongside university work. However, I was able to manage it successfully in the end."

What advice would you give to someone wanting to apply for Interior Design?

"In the first year there will be ups and downs but by the end of the year you'll realise how beneficial it is. Also, don't ever compare yourself to anyone else."


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This course is taught at Kingston School of Art, Knights Park

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This course is taught at Kingston School of Art, Knights Park

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