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Law LLB(Hons) with professional experience: Events and lectures


Client interviewing, negotiation and mediation

You can improve your practical legal skills and raise your personal profile by taking up the challenge of client interviewing, negotiation or mediation. It's fun and adds to your CV. Once you have perfected your skills during the course, you may have the opportunity to take part in competitions such as:

  • In-house competition: competitors take part in a role-play interview with a "client" in front of a panel of judges. Legal knowledge will be considered but your client-care skills are more important. Mooting and negotiation are also part of the competition.
  • Client Interviewing Competition for England and Wales: for this competition you work in teams of two, but otherwise the format is the same as the in-house competition. There are usually around 26 teams competing. Kingston students have won the Client Interviewing Competition in previous years.
  • Client Counseling Competition: when a team wins the national Client Interviewing Competition, they go on to represent England and Wales in the international Client Counseling Competition (it is American sponsored, hence the spelling) at the host nation. Kingston teams have competed in competitions held in New Zealand and Glasgow; the 2005 final was in Hawaii. Teams come from about 16 countries, including America, Canada, Australia, Sri Lanka and India.
  • Three-way competition: this client interviewing competition is run with Kingston University, the University of Surrey and the University of Law.
  • Negotiation Competition: in this national competition students practise and improve their negotiation skills.
  • National Mediation Competition: this competition focuses on using your mediation skills to resolve deadlock situations between two parties.
  • Mooting: our mooting sessions, where you will debate legal arguments, help you enhance your practical skills. You might even get the chance to compete at one of the competitions we have sent teams to, including, for example the English Speaking Union Mooting Competition.

Guest speakers and lectures

Numerous guest speakers have visited Kingston University's Department of Law. These have included:

  • A lord chancellor
  • A vice-chancellor
  • Two Lords of Appeal in Ordinary (now Supreme Court Justices)
  • The Chief Justice of Sierra Leone (Justice Gelaga King)
  • The Lord Goff of Chieveley
  • the Viscount Hailsham of St Marylebone LC
  • The Lord Borrie

Famous practitioners have also delivered lectures at Kingston University. These have included:

  • Professor David Graham QC
  • Professor Monty Raphael
  • Christine Laing QC

Members of Parliament have spoken at Kingston University's Department of Law. These have included:

  • Mr Zac Goldsmith MP
  • Mr Edward Davey (former member)
  • The Baroness Tonge MP (former member)

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This course is taught at Penrhyn Road

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This course is taught at Penrhyn Road

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