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Media and Global Politics BA(Hons): Who teaches this course

About the faculty and staff

The media and communication teaching team includes staff from a variety of disciplines within the humanities and social sciences. Their areas of expertise relate to aspects of media and cultural production, consumption and textual analysis.

Our global politics and international relations team incorporates subject specialists whose research interests enliven the curriculum. We have research and teaching strengths in Latin America, Africa, the Middle East, Eastern and Western Europe.

Staff teaching on this course

Dr Nevena Nancheva

Dr Nevena Nancheva specialises in Eastern European politics, specifically post-communist Balkan states including Bulgaria and Macedonia

Dr Robin Pettitt

Dr Robin Pettitt's research focuses on political organisations that serve as conduits between civil society and the state, particularly political parties. His interests have been largely based on national politics, but he is moving into the politics of representation at the EU level. Robin also has an interest in the uses and abuses of marketing techniques in politics and in research methodology.

Dr Andrew Higginbottom

Dr Andrew Higginbottom's doctoral research was on multinational corporations and human rights in Colombia. He is a proponent of research oriented to solidarity action and is now researching the political economy of foreign investment, especially the social and environmental impacts of extractive industries. Andrew's current theoretical concerns focus on synthesising Marx's theory of rent with the concept of super-exploitation developed by Latin American writers.

Professor Scott Wilson

Professor Scott Wilson is professor of psychoanalysis and media. His book The Order of Joy: Beyond the Cultural Politics of Enjoyment (2008) was published in the SUNY Press Series Psychoanalysis and Culture. His latest book is Stop Making Sense: Lacan, Music and the Perspective of the Real. He is on the Editorial Board of Cultre / Clinic Applied Lacanian Psychoanalysis, University of Minnesota Press. 

Stephen Bowen

Stephen Bowen is a Senior Lecturer in Human Rights and also the Director of the British Institute of Human Rights (BIHR). Stephen has 25 years experience as an international human rights practitioner, and has held a number of senior appointments with international human Rights NGOs and the United Nations, including: Campaigns Director of Amnesty International UK; Chief Human Rights Officer for the United Nations Mission to Bosnia and Herzegovina; Chief Counsel to the OSCE Election Appeals Sub-Commission in Bosnia and Herzegovina; Programme Director at the International Human Rights Law Group; and Legal Adviser to the Palestinian Centre for Human Rights..

Dr Steven Bastow

Dr Steven Bastow is Director of Studies and a researcher for the European Research Centre. His specialist subjects and research interests include European ideologies of the 20th century.

Dr Hager Weslati

Dr Hager Weslati is the course director for the MA in Media and Communication and her teaching is at the interface of philosophy/literature and media/culture. Her research interests are focused on interpretations of Hegelian philosophy and on the critical theories of space, with particular interest in nomadology, heterotopias and mobility. Her current book project concerns the thought of Alexandre Kojeve.

Dr Aybige Yilmaz

Dr Aybige Yilmaz's specialist subjects and research interests include gender and ethnic nationalism in media; Islam and Europeanness; and post-colonial discourses of nation and modernity.

Dr Ilaria Favretto

Title: Professor in Contemporary European History

Specialist subjects:

  • 20th century Italian history
  • 20th century British history
  • The European Left
  • Protest and industrial conflict in 20th century Europe
  • Cultural history

Recent publications:

  • 'Red Scare: 'Pericolo Rosso' e Gran Bretagna nel Ventesimo Secolo' (transl: 'Labour and the 'Red Threat' in 20th Century Britain'), in Fulvio Cammarano and Stefano Cavazza (eds), in Il Nemico in Politica. La Delegittimazione dell'avversario nell'Europa Contemporanea (Bologna: Il Mulino, 2010)
  • 'The parties of the Centre Left', in James Newell (ed.), Italian Political Elections 2008 (London: Routledge, 2009), pp. 85-101
  • Socialism and Social Reform in the Twentieth Century: Cultures of Social Democracy in Historical and Comparative Perspective, co-editor (Manchester: Manchester University Press, 2006)

Dr Eleni Ikoniadou

Dr Eleni Ikoniadou's work is situated at the intersection of media theory, contemporary philosophy and digital art, and has appeared in journals and book collections such as Culture Machine, Leonardo and An Unlikely Alliance: Thinking Environments with Deleuze/Guattari. Her writing opts for the construction of non-reductive, relational, transdisciplinary methods, after thinkers like Gilles Deleuze, Felix Guattari, William James, Henri Bergson, Susanne Langer, AN Whitehead, Isabelle Stengers.

Dr Hannah Miller

Dr Hannah Miller a Senior Lecturer in Human Rights, Politics and International Relations in the Politics department. She has spent her professional career working in the fields of human rights and social justice, both as a scholar and practioner. Hannah has researched and published in the areas of campaign strategies, charity law, NGO practice, rights-based and rights-framed approaches, and the sociology of rights. She is currently researching representation of forms of disobedience. She is a reviewer for the International Journal of Human Rights (Taylor and Francis), co-convenor of the British Sociological Association's Sociology of Rights Study Group and a member of the Higher Education Academy. Dr Hannah Miller has also worked with a variety of NGOs including War on Want, Women at Risk (WAR - Ethiopia), SCOPE, Regenerate,COM, Regenerate.RISE, Patient and Public Involvement Forums (NHS UK) and the Palestinain Solidarity Campaign.

Dr Radu Cinpoes

Dr Radu Cinpoes' research focuses on exploring articulations of national identity and the construction of nationhood. While a large part of his work has been concerned with these processes in the context of communism and transition from communism in Central and Eastern Europe, he has been investigating similar processes in wider contexts (looking at, among other things, European identity). Linked to the issues of identity and belonging, Radu's current research project deals with migration, taking a critical realist approach to the relationship between structure and agency in shaping migration processes.

Dr Simon Choat

Dr Simon Choat specialises in political theory; in particular, modern European philosophy. He is especially interested in Marx and Marxism and French philosophy since 1960, including Althusser, Foucault and Derrida.

Dr Jonathan Gilmore

Dr Jonathan Gilmore specialises in international relations and security studies. His recent research investigated the links between human rights and violent conflict, with specific reference to the question of whether military force can or should be used to protect human rights.

Dr Atsuko Ichijo

Dr Atsuko Ichijo's research interests are found at the intersection between nationalism studies and European studies, and the relationship between contemporary nationalism and development of European integration has been a major focus of my research. She has two monographs on the topic. In relation to this, she is also interested in theories of nationalism, the 'West'-'East' contrast in nationalism and nationalism's relationship to modernity. Currently Atsuko is co-ordinating a European Commission funded collaborative research project with nine partners across Europe on European identities.

Dr Simon Brown

Simon Brown is Associate Professor in Film and Television. His main research interests are early and silent cinema, British cinema, contemporary American television, horror, science fiction and adaptation, and the works of Stephen King. He has published widely on a variety of subjects including the history of colour cinematography, film censorship in the UK, and 3D. His most recent books include Cecil Hepworth and the Rise of the British Film Industry 1899-1911 (University of Exeter Press, 2016) and Screening Stephen King: Adaptation and the Horror Genre in Film and Television (University of Texas Press, 2018).

He has published articles on numerous aspects of contemporary television including 3DTV and cult networks such as FX and Showtime, as well as TV series including Supernatural, Alias, Dexter, The X-Files and Under the Dome. His current work is focussed on adaptation and the horror genre alongside another project on early cinema and the gothic. Prior to joining Kingston in 2004 Simon worked for ten years for the BFI National Archive, and is particularly interested in issues around film preservation and restoration. He is on the editorial board of Pennywise Dreadful: The Journal of Stephen King Studies and also The International Journal of Scottish Theatre and Screen.

Dr Colette Balmain

Title: Senior lecturer in film, TV and media

Research interests

  • East Asian cinema and cultures, with particular emphasis on sexuality, gender and race in relation to national identity
  • Whiteness studies
  • Disability studies

Key publications

  • East Asian Gothic Cinema
  • South Korean Horror cinema
  • Introduction to Japanese Horror Film

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This course is taught at Penrhyn Road

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