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Pharmaceutical & Chemical Sciences FdSc: Facilities

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This course is delivered in conjunction with South Thames College (Wandsworth campus). You will spend three days per week at the Penrhyn Road campus of Kingston University, and one day per week (usually Fridays) at the Wandsworth campus. You will have one day per week for part-time employment/work experience.

South Thames College (Wandsworth campus)

South Thames College (Merton campus)The Wandsworth campus has opened major new buildings and facilities, worth more than £40million, in the last four years, as part of a project to provide the best facilities for further education in the area. The College provides a friendly and supportive environment for your transition from school to University-level study. The small group teaching, which is a feature of the College, will ensure you understand the fundamental principles upon which your higher-level studies are based. Read more about the campus on the South Thames College website.

Kingston University (Penrhyn Road campus)

Facilities at the Penrhyn Road campus include:

The pharmacy lab: Central to your learning is our new pharmacy practice laboratory, designed to allow you to experience what it is like in a real pharmacy and finesse your skills before you start working in the health service. Based at our Penrhyn Road campus, the £420,000 centre includes:

  • 40 medicine-dispensing stations;
  • a pharmacy counter;
  • a consulting area; and
  • computers connected to the Nexphase system (used in many local pharmacies).

You practice your people and diagnostic skills through role plays, taking it in turns to play the patient.

When dispensing prescriptions you have to make all the same checks that you would make in a real pharmacy, including:

  • analysing prescriptions to check they have been filled in correctly by doctors;
  • checking clinical issues such as how one medicine might interact with another; and
  • advising pretend patients on how to take their prescriptions.

Other facilities: You will also have access to:

  • the £9.8million Eadweard Muybridge building with state-of the art laboratories;
  • specialist equipment, such as:
    • gas and liquid chromatography;
    • electron microscopy;
    • a range of spectrometers, including mass spectrometers, infrared spectrometers and nuclear magnetic resonance spectrometers;
    • nuclear science equipment;
    • thermal analysis;
    • x-ray diffractometers; and
    • electrochemical analysis;
  • computing laboratories and a team of IT technicians to offer assistance

The Learning Resources Centre offers:

  • subject libraries, plus a free inter-library loan scheme to other libraries in the Greater London area;
  • online database subscriptions; and
  • growing selection of resource materials.

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*5p per minute from a BT landline. Call charges from other providers may vary.

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