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Psychology with Sociology BSc(Hons): Who teaches this course

Staff teaching on this course

Sonya Sharma

Sonya's areas of specialism are the sociology of religion, healthcare and inequalities and feminist theory and research.

Dr Elisa Back

Areas of interest:

  • Cognitive development and social cognition in typical and atypical populations.

Research interests:

  • Autism
  • Theory of mind
  • Facial processing

Dr Ana Nikčević

Research area: Metacognitive aspects of smoking behaviour

Examples of topics for guided research activities or dissertations:

  • Identifying the core metacognitive mechanisms in smoking behaviour through interviews
  • Development of assessment tools (ie questionnaires) of maladaptive metacognitions involved in smoking
  • Constructing theoretical accounts which explain persistence of smoking
  • Development of metacognitive treatments aimed at smoking cessation

Skills that may be acquired: Interviewing; construction and psychometric testing of questionnaires; statistical analyses; literature review; use of bibliographic databases.

Professor Fred Vallee-Tourangeau

Professor Fred Vallee-Tourangeau is a cognitive psychologist. Fred's specialist area of interest includes cognitive psychology, thinking and reasoning.

Dr Muthanna Samara

Areas of interest: Research in child development, bullying, aggression and anti-social behaviour.

Dr Georgia Butler

Research areas: Impulsivity and risk taking; recreational drug use; eating behaviours

Examples of topics for guided research activities or dissertations:

  • Identifying measures of impulsivity and risk taking and identifying the different factors of impulsivity
  • Investigating the relationship between compulsive behaviours and impulsivity
  • Investigating the relationship between recreational drug use, risk taking and impulsive behaviour
  • Identifying measurements of eating behaviours which tap into impulsive behaviours
  • The relationship between eating behaviours and impulsivity

Skills that may be acquired: Planning and designing research; the use of statistical analyses; conducting a literature review; questionnaire design.

Dr Sabira Mannan

Dr Sabira Mannan is a senior lecturer in psychology. Her research includes visual attention, perception, motor control and neuropsychology.

Professor Philip Terry

Research area: Biopsychology; recreational use of drugs and alcohol

Examples of topics for dissertations:

  • People's ability to estimate the alcohol content of a drink
  • The arousing effects of caffeine
  • Looking at alcohol's or caffeine's effects on time perception
  • 'Binge drinking'
  • Experimental studies of the effects of long-term cannabis use on behavioural responses to alcohol
  • Survey and interview-based studies of why ex-users of drugs stop using recreational drugs
  • Survey and interview-based studies of drug and alcohol use in hazardous situations (eg in relation to driving)
  • (Note that studies related to cocaine and cannabis use will require that the student can identify a suitable sample of recreational drug users)

Skills that may be acquired: Experimental design; basic principles of psychopharmacology; construction of questionnaires and structured interviews; measuring drug effects; cognitive testing; statistical analyses; literature review; use of bibliographic databases.

Dr Claudia Uller

Dr Claudia Uller is director of studies in psychology. Her research interests include infant cognitive and social development and comparative cognition.

Dr Chris Hewer

Areas of interest: Social representations - beliefs and behaviour, critical psychology.

Dr Fatima Felisberti

Research areas: Research areas: Face and emotion perception; visual attention; memory and social cognition.

The research in my laboratory aims to uncover environmental factors that modulate the way we identify emotions in others and recognize faces of unfamiliar people in different social contexts. Self-face recognition is investigated, especially how attachment style and personality traits affect the way one perceives his/her own facial features and attractiveness. Different aspects of visual attention and the visual aesthetics are also addressed.

Skills that may be acquired: Questionnaire and survey analysis; visual perception and cognitive testing; experimental programming, statistical analyses; literature review; use of bibliographic databases.

Dr Louisa Pavey

Dr Louisa Pavey is a lecturer in psychology. Her research interests are in social and health psychology.

Heidi Seezten

Heidi explores urban deprivation, social and spatial inequalities, and community.

Egle Rindzeviciute

Egle's areas of specialism are cultural policy, cold war history, eastern Europe and science and technology studies.

Luke Doggett

Luke Doggett's academic interests revolve around the role that myth and ritual have played in human life.

Professor Nic Mai

Professor Mai is a sociologist, an ethnographer and a filmmaker whose writing and films focus on the experiences and representations of migrants working in the global sex industry in order to live their lives. Through experimental ethno-fictions and original research findings Nic challenges the humanitarian representation of the encounter between migration and sex work in terms of trafficking, while focusing on the ambivalent dynamics of exploitation and agency that are implicated. 

Vron Ware

Title: Professor in criminology and sociology

Research interests

  • Racism, whiteness and intersectionality
  • National identity, war and militarization
  • Englishness
  • Gender relations and feminism in the Muslim-majority world

Key publications

  • Beyond The Pale: White Women, Racism & History,
  • Military Migrants: Fighting for YOUR Country,
  • Who Cares About Britishness? A global view of the national identity debate

Professor David Herbert

Professor David Herbert has expertise in the sociology of religion and the sociology of health.

Dr Sylvie Collins-Mayo

Dr Sylvie Collins-Mayo has extensive research experience specialising in the sociology of religion. Her work has included both qualitative and quantitative methods and is orientated to the application of social research within faith based settings. She has written a number of books and journal articles with a particular focus on young people's religious beliefs, attitudes and behaviours.

Katherine Appleford

Dr Katherine Appleford examines the relationship between style, fashion and class.

Dr Jess Prior

Research areas: Faces, facial disfigurement, appearance issues in childhood and adolescence

Examples of topics for guided research activities or dissertations:

  • Qualitative exploration of people's understanding, beliefs and experiences concerning facial appearance - of self and others; facial acne or other skin conditions that affect the appearance of the face; the experiences of children or adults with common visible differences (cleft lip/palate, birthmarks, moles, etc) and their experiences of 'living with' a visible difference
  • Qualitative studies concerning various aspects of appearance (semi-structured interviews, diary methods, observations)
  • Quantitative studies regarding children's experiences of friendship - for example children's social preferences towards peers with different visible differences (in wheelchair, missing limb, facial disfigurement)
  • Bullying in childhood and adolescence
  • Verbal descriptions of faces
  • (Note that students who wish to recruit children under the age of 18 will need a full CRB check and will need to gain permission from a school to work with the children)

Skills that may be acquired: Qualitative research skills including planning and designing qualitative research; literature reviews; using qualitative methods (interviews, diary methods, observations); analysing talk and text (for example Grounded Theory, Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis, Template Analysis); transcribing and presenting data.

Nora Vyas

Chris Barker

Dr Emma O’Dwyer

Professor Evanthia Lyons

Dr Fiona Barlow-Brown

Dr Sania Shakoor

Dr Tushna Vandrevala

Dr Giulia Galli

Dr Jo Van Herwegen

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This course is taught at Penrhyn Road

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