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Hi Charlotte:
thank you for your answers,i have another question to ask you.To be honest,you know in china people just know London college of Fashion is the best school,they don't know Kingston,my teacher and parents want me enter to LCF to study.DO you know London college of Fashion ? Is really very famous in England as well as in china?If you know some information,please tell me,thank!

A: Answer from Student Ambassador Charlotte

Answered on 25 Jan 2012 by Charlotte

Student Ambassador Charlotte

Hello again, :)

Yes, the London College of Fashion is very well know in England, as is Central St. Martins. However, all fashion courses based around London such as Kingston benefit from their location and situation in London. Entrance onto any fashion course in London is highly competitive due to the esteem in which the courses and locations are held! Here is a link which might interest you: This shows Kingston students partaking in Graduate London fashion week, along side students from other universities such as LCF. Kingston seems to offer equal opportunities to other London based fashion courses, maybe you need to compare the course modules and decide which suit you best? You may find that one is more design based or more practical perhaps.  I found when applying for courses that Kingston offered modules that suited my interests and didn't repeat anything I had studied before, which helped in my final decision. You could always apply for both! Best of luck in deciding, I hope that this has helped!

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