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Asked by ikenna

how to be in the school. i have no ideal of going to school in London tell me how to apply, i love to go to school the fee if is what can pay then i will apply now if i may ask can i work so i can pay my school fee i have a low income in Nigeria were i work thanks 4 ur help am ikenna onyeabor 2348064774217

A: Answer from Student Ambassador Bisi

Answered on 15 Feb 2012 by Bisi

Student Ambassador Bisi


If you are looking to go to university here in the UK then I would suggest if you are currently in school in Nigeria then speak to them regarding being an international student and they will give you advice on what you can do, otherwise contact our international team:  I believe you can get a job whilst your studying but I cannot give you any advice as to how you come here - you would need to speak with your local government or the Nigerian Embassy.

In the UK we have a system called UCAS which is where all applicants of Higher Education go to apply to the University of their choice. Unfortunately I don't know anything about how the system works in Nigeria. My Dad is from Nigeria so I have a Nigerian name and I have family there but I was born and raised in the UK, my mother is British! Therefore it is difficult for me to give you advice as you would be considered an international student and I believe tuition fees are different (in all countries).

Thanks, Bisi.

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