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Q: hello bisi

Asked by blessing

Pls i wanna know how much about the accomodation in London because i will soon be there to study,i am blessing from Nigeria...Thanks

A: Answer from Student Ambassador Bisi

Answered on 21 Feb 2012 by Bisi

Student Ambassador Bisi

Hi Blessing,

Accommodation prices vary depending on what you want: amount of bedrooms, area of london that you will be living in. Most people in their first year live in halls - the link to that information site is here: you can click on there to access information about the type of accommodation that most students stay in whilst in their first year at Kingston and then in following years students get a house together and share rent and bills.

If you want accurate information then go on to Google and type in renting or house sharing in Kingston/London. Then you will get a round figure of how much it costs to live in London. I personally live at home as this was a better option for me.   

Many thanks,


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