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Q: how to apply

Asked by ALLY

I am a young man from Tanzania and i am so interested to study abroad especially Kingston Unv.what should i do to get a chance?

A: Answer from Student Ambassador Bisi

Answered on 21 Feb 2012 by Bisi

Student Ambassador Bisi


I am very happy that you are thinking about coming to study at Kingston and the great thing about this university is that we have such a huge international community and there are people studying here from all over the world!! So you would LOVE it! its really easy to find out more information about applications forms, bursaries or scholarships on our on this link:

It will take you straight to the right place and you can have a look at: why to come to kingston, visa requirements and fees and expenses etc. The other great thing is that you can actually speak to an international student who has come to study at Kingston. Unfortunately i am not an international student so i can't give you any personal experience but there are many, many students here who have and are happy to talk to you about their experiences at Kingston. All you have to do is click on the option that says 'speak to an advisor' it's just like how you spoke to me!

I hope that this helps you and i hope to see you soon at Kingston!!

Speak to you soon. Bisi x


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Other information: I came to University after working for a bit. I recently took part in the Academic Development Centre Study Tour of UNC Charlotte (one of the universities that students from Kingston can exchange to).I am part of two sports clubs: Dance and Jitsu. I am also in the middle of joining the Kingston Psychology Society (within the next month the society will be up and running). I am also a Student Ambassador at Kingston. Aside from University I am also a committee member of the SLTN...

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