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Q: phramcy course

Asked by soufi

Hi Charlie

I have got unconditional offer to study pharmacy at Kingston. I am staying home and just can you please share with me your experience of studying this course at Kingston? How many days per week you normally attend university ?some body told me as a pharmacy student you have to be there 5 days per week? Is it very hard to find pre-registration placement when you finish 4 years course and does university support you to find a place?does it matter which university you have studied to find job and placement in future? how many modules you attend st george hospital uni during your study and you have to go there every week? and does university support you to get a placement near your house? and how do you rate your overal experience and teaching quality at kingston? sorry so many questions lol.... Thanks Alot Charlie

A: Answer from Student Ambassador Charlie

Answered on 9 Mar 2012 by Charlie

Student Ambassador Charlie

Hello, congratulations on your offer! 

I usually attend university 5 days a week, although these are not always 9-5. 

I don't have any experience with finding a pre-registration placement as I have a while before I have to think about that, but I haven't heard anything bad about it. I am sure it's another one of those things were it will work out if you organise yourself and get it done in good time. 

I think the most important thing about getting a job is having good grades and having a good CV. Doing placements, part-time and/or volunteering in stuff relating to work and pharmacy (it doesn't HAVE to be A pharmacy), will give you references and show you have experience and a good attitude. For instance I work in a pub, I do bar work, I clean and I work in the kitchen, so what??? Well when you look at from a different perspective, it shows you that I am trustworthy because I work with money and can figure out how much change to give customers. It shows I have customer service skills because I haven't been sacked after 1 ½ years hahaha. It shows I am efficient as I work in the kitchen, and it shows I am loyal because what girl really what's to do the cleaning in the pub??? Not me but if they need me I do.

That's just an example but you get my meaning. Kingston uni can help you find a job here and it has a group who organise local volunteering ventures. You can even just do a one day thing if you don't have much time, but it'd look great on your CV. 

You do one module a year at St Georges, which means one day a week for one semester a year. Since after Christmas I have been taking systems pharmacology St Georges, we go every Thursday. 

If you are doing a community placement then it is usually organised by you. If your really struggling then they will try to help you. Hospital placements are organised mostly by the uni and they take it in turns, and spread it around the students. Not every student can do one each time. They also post a lot of info about summer placements in hospital and industry for you to apply to yourself. 

How do I rate my overall experience? Well that's a tough one to answer really, I like the area, I like the uni and the course, I have many friends here now, from work and uni. I do have a social life, most of the time. I go dancing, take classes in sport and dance, I hang with my friends; cinema or whatever. My overall experience is good. I hope that answers that one? 

It's normal to have lots of questions and I am glad you know what you wanted to ask! If you have any more please come back! I hope I helped, do keep reading my blog to find out more about what I get up to on pharmacy. 

Take care, Charlie.

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