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Q: Foundation degree

Asked by Anela

Great thank you, yeah i have checked and the pass rate is 70%.
I was reading your other answers and noticed the foundation year you did was 2 years, is that any different to the foundation year that takes 1 year?
And during the course were there module exams or just one big one at the end?
Sorry for asking alot!
But thank you for taking the time out to answer my questions :)

A: Answer from Student Ambassador Charlie

Answered on 20 Mar 2012 by Charlie

Student Ambassador Charlie

Hey again,

Ah, yes there is several foundations in science. There is Chemical and Pharmaceutical, Science, Pharmacy...quite a few different foundations. Which foundation did you apply for? I undertook the 2 year Chemical and Pharmaceutical sciences Fd, and there will be slight differences between them all.

Mine was not specifically tailored to pharmacy and it perhaps began at a lower level then the 1 year, and finished at a higher level then the 1 year foundation. I know that when I did my 2nd year it was 'level 5' which is equal to the 2nd year pharmacy that I am doing now, but of course different material. In the 2nd year there were module choices depending where you wanted to go next. I believe the choices where to go onto MPharm, MChem, and Pharmaceutical sciences.

Overall I found the foundation really good experience. I learnt a lot and it helped me come to a decision of which step to take next. It was very varied subjects which is refreshing, and the assessment types differ too, again, all good experience. So yes some modules would have a mid-module exam, a practical test, both or neither. Some assign essays, some don't. I guess as a very rough guide; the more chemistry then the more tests or practicals there will be; the more biology or professional practice then the more workshops and possibility of essays.

I hope this helps! Don't stop asking questions, it's great! Best of Luck Charlie.

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