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Asked by Filipa Raquel

Hello Charlie
My name is Filipa and I'm portuguese. I received an offer letter from Kingston, to MPham course. But I have a lot of doubts... First, I really need to work while I'm studying, but I heard that you have to attend classes 5 days a week. Can you say me How is the timetable? Can we lose some classes because we are working? Do you know someone in the same situation than me (I mean, that is working and studying MPharm)?

I'm happy but also very concerned about the course:) Is it very difficult? Do you have annual or semestrall subjects?

Thank you so much

A: Answer from Student Ambassador Charlie

Answered on 23 Mar 2012 by Charlie

Student Ambassador Charlie

Hey Filipa!

You will find that many students at any University have to or chose to work, and are in the same situation as you. Mostly in the evenings or at weekends. Your timetable will vary from semester to semester, this semester I have four long days and wednesdays free to study privately, although not everyone is the same on my course, it depends on the practical/workshop rotas.

 I currently work 2 regular jobs; I do this ambassador job for the University, in addition to this webpage there are many things to get involved in which to a certain extent I can pick and choose! I also work in a local pub, on average this semester I worked 6 hours on a week day evening and 10 hours on saturday.

It is a shame that I have to work as much as I do, but a lot of life skills can be gained from part-time work, and it can all be added to your CV. The key is a job that fits around your studies, like pub work, and to be organised about you studying to allow for the fact that you have to work.

The course is one of the toughest, but it is worth it, gaining a Masters at the end in an amazing subject. We have four modules every semester, so eight every year.

Congratulations on your offer! I hope this has helped to ease your doubts and feel happy in your achievment? Feel free to ask me any more questions you have. Good Luck! Charlie



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