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Q: DRama pratical work

Asked by Sojourner

Hi Holly,

I was wondering how much practical work do you get to do in your first year in Drama, and what type of essays do you get asked to do?


A: Answer from Student Ambassador Holly

Answered on 27 Mar 2012 by Holly

Student Ambassador Holly

Hi, thanks for your question.

Throughout the three years I would say you do about 70% practical and 30% written modules. In your practical modules you will have a practical exam and then a reflective essay of about 1000 to 1500 words. Reflective essays are just evaluating your work and your process which I'm sure you are used to doing if you're doing A-Level or BTEC drama.

In your theory modules you could be writing about a style of drama, practitioners, or a drama movement. Don't worry if you don't enjoy essay writing, I've always had lots of help frm my tutors and in your second and third years you choose all of your modules so you can concentrate on more practical modules with the shorter essays.

There's also lots of opportunities to get involved with extra curricular projects and performances,to stage your own production and become involved in the Drama and Street Theatre society.

Hope that helped :)

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