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Q: crime

Asked by chelsea

hiya i just wondered as i'm interested in this uni
what's the crime like? is it bad?

A: Answer from Student Ambassador Magdalena

Answered on 12 Apr 2012 by Magdalena

Student Ambassador Magdalena


I understand your concerns. I remember the time when I was applying to universities and asked similar questions regarding the safety of the universities' locations. Fortunately, you do not have to worry about the high crime rates in Kingston. According to numerous surveys, Kingston is one of the safest parts of Greater London. According to Metropolitan Police data 2007 'Kingston is a very safe area with one of the lowest crime rates in London'.
Personally, I can admit that I have not had any problems with safety throughout the three years of my stay in Kingston. Nevertheless, you should always be thoughtful and careful, and remember that bad things can happen everywhere, no matter how safe to appears to be.

I hope it helps! Best of luck!

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