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Q: Pharmaceutical Science BSc(Hons)


Hi Charlie,

I have been offered a course in Pharmaceutical Sciences Bsc(Hons) after they changed my option course from Pharmaceutical and Chemical Sciences FdSc. My question is wheather I can transfer from Pharmaceutical Science BSc(Hons) first year 70% pass rate into first year MPharm programme. I know that there is a wide range of foundation courses related to pharmacy sciences, is that a suitable thing to do? And what is the course like? I mean is it harder than A2 Chemistry? What is the hardest module, or topic? Thanks for your time :)

A: Answer from Student Ambassador Charlie

Answered on 10 Apr 2012 by Charlie

Student Ambassador Charlie



I believe that this is possible, however please check with the admissions office as things change and I am not a member of their staff so I don't want to tell you something that is wrong.

A foundation is a bridge between further education and Degree level. It is a wide mix to allow for people with varying start levels. As you have done A-levels should you meet the grades they are asking for, you will be qualified to start at degree level. The first year of your degree will be a mix of revision, and new material. It will be harder then A-level as the material and the requirements are a step up.

As you want to do MPharm, if the admissions office tells you that there is the possibility of transferring, then I would stick with the BSc. Getting a transfer onto MPharm from either route will depend on the grades you achieve. In the event that you don't make it onto the MPharm, with the BSc you will still be on a degree course in a related field which you can continue on with.

If you were unsure about which degree you wanted to move onto then I would say perhaps staying with the Foundation degree will enable you to keep your options open, because it has the possibility of moving onto other things such as MChem.

When you asked me about the modules, which course were you referring to, the Foundation degree or the MPharm?

Like I said before making a decision I would strongly suggest you ask the admissions office or school office about what is possible with these to options so you have all the facts.

I hope this helps. Let me know about which you were referring to and I will get back to you on that.

Best wishes, Charlie

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