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Q: Cheerleading

Asked by hannah

Hiya, I'm hopefully joining kingston uni next year and really want to get into the cheerleading society!! i've got a dance background etc etc, but how do i go about getting in or who do i go to?
thank you :)

A: Answer from Student Ambassador Holly

Answered on 18 Apr 2012 by Holly

Student Ambassador Holly

Hiya, thanks for your question!

I hope you're excited about your offer from Kingston. You can sign up to the cheerleading squad at Freshers Fair, look for girls in yellow hoodies and lots of trophies ;)

What we usually do is have a couple of taster sessions and then we start learning the dance section and practising basic stunts for tryouts. You then try out in a group of 5 and will be either placed into our Blue or Gold squad. Blue is a Level 1 squad and Gold is level 3.

Cheerleading is made up of dance, stunts, gymnastics and motions so you're a step ahead with your dance experience :)

I will warn you it's an expensive hobby, as you have to buy your competition uniform yourself but it's totally worth it. A video should be up on my profile soon of our routine this year so you can have a look at what we do. 

I hope that answered your question, let me know if you would like to know anything else and good luck with your exams :)

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