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Q: year calender

Asked by Sinentokozo

hi i am a student from south africa, I want to know how your semesters are set from which months to which, and I completed my environmental science degree now in south africa and I want to expand my knowledge by studying over seas but I dont think il qualify for honours so will they allow me to do more make up courses there so I can do my honors later in the next or which ever coming year. Also as finance are tight can I apply for student loan or are there any funding scheme because it will be very expansive for me coverting south african rands to pounds, if not do you know of any cheaper colleges around? thnx for you time;-)

A: Answer from Student Ambassador Abim

Answered on 2 Dec 2011 by Abim

Student Ambassador Abim

Hello Sinentokozo,

Sorry I took so long to get back to you, I was away on holiday.

The semester dates vary depending on which post-graduate programme you are on (I'm assuming that's the area that you are interested in). Majority of the semesters run from September to December and then from January to June however as I said before it can vary. For example, My master's programme started in November.

As to whether you qualify for honours or if there are any courses you can do to top up your degree, the best people to speak to would be the International Office - all their details can be found on this page: Again with regards to finance, these would all be the best people to get in contact with. As far as I'm aware loans and funding for post graduate courses can vary, dependent on the course and also on whether the student is a home student or an international student.

My best advice would be to look around in South Africa and see if you can get any sponsoring from any companies within your field to do any course abroad. I don't know whether you have a government funded scheme that can sponsor you but if you do try and see if you're eligible for that as well.

Hope this helps, if you have any more questions don't hesitate to get in contact. I can assure it wont take up to 3 week for me to answer you.

Abim x

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