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Q: londging

Asked by Elise

Hi Rebecca! I'll come to next september with erasmus exchange programme. I can not stay ın halls because i'll study just one term. University suggested me londging system. But i want to live with students and i do not know will there be anyother students in lodge or just me and landlord. Ican not see student to student notice board because I didn't apply the universty yet but I'll next week. I also made some researchs in easyrommate website. There are some rooms for rent and close to campuses. Can you give me some informations about londges, and should i prefer the londging or prefer to room for rent, what do you think?
Thank you

A: Answer from Student Ambassador Rebecca

Answered on 23 Apr 2012 by Rebecca

Student Ambassador Rebecca

Hi Elise!

I think usually with lodgings, you'll be living with a family but I know a few people who lodge and they do enjoy it. It also has the advantage of being good value for money. If you want peace of mind, another option, if you can afford to, is to make an early trip to see the easyroommate apartments before you commit to one. Your best option, though, might be to wait for the student-to-student noticeboard since there are new vacancies every day, you're more likely to get accommodation with other Kingston students, which seems to be your ideal option, and you have a while until the course begins. 

Hope this helps and don't hesitate to ask any other questions you might have.

All the best, Rebecca

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