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Q: What books do I need for the first year?

Asked by Tanya

Hi Mellissa,
I will be starting a nursing course this September and would like to get a head start on reading the books for this course. Please could you let me know which books are recommended in the first year.

A: Answer from Student Ambassador Mellissa

Answered on 20 Apr 2012 by Mellissa

Student Ambassador Mellissa

Hi Tanya,

The course has somewhat changed since I started. It was a diploma course then and now it is a degree, however I believe that the first year still follows a Common Foundation Programme (CFP).
I do not recommend that you buy all books, as this can be very expensive. However if you wish to buy some books try Amazon.
In year one, it's all about becoming a nurse. There is a text book by Derek Sellman and Paul Snelling, titled 'Becoming a Nurse' - a text book for professional practice. At present that is the only book I can suggest. When you start, you will be given a reading list with all the books that are relevant to you for year one, and each year your books will change.
I hope you find this information helpful.


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