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Making the most of Orange Wednesdays5 - Entertainment at the Rotunda
My friends and I love going to the cinema. It's nice to spend time together doing something a bit different. We always go on a Wednesday to take advantage of the Orange Wednesday's deal I get with my phone. It allows me to get two tickets for the price of one.




Hitting the gym4 - Hit the gym
Admittedly, not one of my favourite things to do but it is something that makes me feel better once I've done it. Kingston has several gyms all close to the town centre, as well as one on Penrhyn Road campus. I go two or three times a week - I find it helps me relax and think clearly about uni work.







New Slang3 - New Slang live music nights
Last month, a friend and I went to see Katy B perform at New Slang which is held at a club called McCluskys in Kingston town centre. When I heard Katy B was playing I bought my ticket straight away - it only cost a tenner and I got her CD too!







House party fun2 - Student house parties
Students have the best parties and as I've been at Uni for almost three years, I prefer attending a party as it's a different scene to going clubbing. It's also a great way to make new friends if you don't know everyone there which is what uni is all about.







Hitting the shops1 - Late night shopping
My favourite part of the week is when my housemate and I go late night shopping. The Bentall Centre and a few other shops around Kingston stay open late every Thursday evening. It's an easy and stress-free way to shop, away from the crowds that flock there on the weekend. As we're on a student's budget we tend to window shop and mess around instead of actually buying things. We mainly go just for fun and usually stop for a hot chocolate too!

My top 5 things to do in Kingston

Posted 27 Feb 2014 by Bryn


5 - People Watching
People watchingOnly those who are a fan of it will get what I mean when I say ‘people watching'. Parking yourself in a crowded environment and just watch the world go by can be one of the most entertaining visions to watch. Of course, make sure you've got a coffee, otherwise you may look a little odd.

4 - Bentall Centre shopping
I could spend hours window shopping, simply walking around the centre to see what's available, people watching and killing time.

3 - Beers on the river in the summer
Sunshine, beer and beautiful views with friends. What more could you ask for in the summer months? Kingston has such a variety of bars along and within the town centre that it's impossible not to find one that will suit you. Personally I love ‘Woody's'; a quirky bar located right on the Thames. It always has a great atmosphere.Messing about by the riverSummer time chilling







Music night at the Cricketers

2 - Music night at The Cricketers - a chance to dance and paint

Who'd have thought that listening to live music and being able to paint what you feel would be so much fun? But one night a week, that is exactly what happens. Upstairs in The Cricketers pub, students from all courses come together to celebrate music and art, with huge canvases covering the side of the room and enough paint to sink a ship.


1 - Taking long walks around Richmond Park and Hampton Court Palace
I'm a walker, it's my way of breaking up the day. If I need to be somewhere and it's within walking distance - say a few miles - I'd rather walk than get the bus or drive. It's my way to calm down and de-stress. And where better to do it than around the grounds of Hampton Court Palace and Richmond Park.Walking in Richmond ParkFun in Richmond ParkThe local wildlife


Fancy Dress fun5 - Fancy dress nights out!
Dressing up and going out is always fun. It's always so much better when everyone just goes for it that's why I always do because if you don't you're the only that looks stupid.





Bowling at the Rotunda4 - Bowling - cheap Tuesday's mean it's half price for students at the Rotanda
Bowling is always fun and I when I lived in Paris my cousin and I would go once a week, so I'm always up for going. The Snow Sport society often arrange socials there which are always laugh with such a big group of people.






Walks around Bushey Park3 - Afternoon walks to Hampton Court
Whatever the season, a walk or bike ride to Hampton Court is a perfect way to spend a Sunday. My flatmate and I like go and take pictures of the beautiful scenic landscape it has to offer. Hampton Court Palace is where Henry VIII once lived! On the way home we love to stop off somewhere for a Sunday roast.




Riverside drinks at Woodys2 - Pub on the riverside - when the sun comes out it's hard to get a seat
My favourite pub, ‘Woody's' has prime location on the riverside, so when the sun it's the perfect place to meet and socialise with friends. Even if there's no space, there are plenty of other pubs with a riverside view nearby.




Shopping1 - Shopping
Unarguably the best way to pass time, the vintage antique market is easy to get lost in. I discovered this little secret in my firstyear. It is full of little treasures and vintage designer clothes. Although it's not the cheapest shop in town, I get great satisfaction just looking around. It even has a Polish shop inside.

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