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Don't Forget the Fancy Dress!

Posted 26 Jan 2014 by Erin


Fancy DressFancy dress and themed nights are a big part of university nightlife. Especially at Kingston where we have Cougar Chaos (sports clubs night out once a month, but any student is welcome to come along), which always have a theme. So far this year we've had the annual new recruits army themed night, so I recommend you bring something green to uni with you and some face paint. There was a superheroes themed night too. I ended up dismantling my A2 Textiles final piece to make a Poison Ivy costume, and my housemate created her own superhero called Stitch Bitch (she's a fashion student), in fact many students donned a colourful cape and made up their own superheroes. Or you could just not follow the theme at all; there were plenty of bananas walking around that night.

Erin cat faceOf course Halloween is the biggest fancy dress night of the year! It's crazy to think that some people plan their costumes maybe a couple months ahead, and you can always tell who they are as they always have the most creative and original costumes. Costumes range from the downright slutty (we've all seen Mean Girls) to the outright bizarre (those costumes always take a bit of time to figure out).  This year I fell back on the cheap reliable classic combination of some eyeliner for a nose and whiskers paired up with some cat ears, I threw in furry scarf too.

So this may sound a bit funny, but I guess a top tip of mine would be to allow some room in your budget for the occasional fancy dress, or if you have a fancy dress box at home, bring it to uni. Now it's time for me to plan my costume for the Cougar Chaos Christmas theme night... maybe I could wrap myself in wrapping paper, or go as a giant elf, or even just throw on a snazzy Christmas jumper with a pair of antlers on top of my head.

Winter in London

Posted 23 Jan 2014 by Nicola Elizabeth


Winter in London, this will be my fourth winter in London, and I am excited already. Whilst nothing beats heading home to spend Christmas at my parents with Mum's Christmas dinner, and a blazing fire, I love spending the build up to Christmas in the capital.

The last few weeks have seen the start of the Christmas markets setting up, but if you don't already know, the mother of all the Christmas Markets, Winter Wonderland, has just opened (22nd November), and I cannot recommend it highly enough! Unfortunately, Winter Wonderland is only the mother of all UK Markets; as sadly we all know deep down there are way better Christmas Markets in Europe and beyond, but taking away the price of a flight, you don't get better than Winter Wonderland. Also, a bit closer to home, Kingston Christmas market normally has a great atmosphere and the stalls are great!

But before you even get to the markets, winter starts with the clocks going forward the Oxford Street Christmas light switch on, and if your lucky enough, Boots on Oxford Street will have their fake snow machine on to make you feel even more festive. Whilst you're there you should definitely take a look at all the department store windows, Selfridges are famed for their Christmas window displays, and are definitely worth a look.

Another winter favourite for me is Ice Skating, and Somerset house makes for a great backdrop! Their Christmas tree is a must see, it is so big! I would advise booking though, as it can get very busy, and make sure you don't forget your gloves. Also, don't worry about falling over the first time you go, it happens to us all!

Being in Central for my internship has meant I have had the pleasure of leaving work and walking down South Bank for my train; all the lights in the trees are beautiful and make for a lovely walk after a long day at work. Although it's not as great when it's raining! Eurgh!

Anyways the point of this blog is to say; brave the outdoors this winter, wrap up warm and get yourself fuelled up on mulled wine and roasted chestnuts! Winter is definitely not my favourite season, but it doesn't get any better than spending it in London!


You must be wondering what is Fresher's Fair which is what I have always been wondering. No worries! Today I am going to tell you what it is and how much fun you can have if you do attend those days. Fresher's Fair is an annual 1-2 days event held at university. This gives new students an opportunity to learn about various societies as well as being able to sign up for as many societies as the students wish. Fresher's Fair is a free event and it is open for everyone so feel free to go to your fresher's fair. DO NOT miss it otherwise you will miss the real fun. I should have had this blog long time ago but I have always wanted to post something about my placement first. Now is the time to share my dos and don'ts with you guys and I hope you find them useful. Here we go>>>

• Make sure you arrive on time. This will give you an opportunity to sign up for societies, get free food and vouchers.
• If you are interested in any society make sure you sign up for it. Societies are great for making friends and keeping yourself updated all year around.
• Find out what a society does and what kind of socials are there etc.
• Don't forget to collect free pizza from the Domino's.

• Don't be late. It will be less crowded if you go early. This is my favourite part as you can have all the free stuff before it runs out.
• Don't sign up for all the societies just for the sake of getting free food from their stall because throughout the year you don't want to be bombarded with unwanted emails.
• Don't stress out about going to a new place; remember it's an opportunity to meet new people.
• Don't waste your time finding out information about all the societies; just look for the societies relevant to your course to keep yourself updated of any events throughout the year.

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