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So you want to Party? Really want to party? Well I don't know why you're asking me! I wouldn't know a good party if it smacked me in the face with a punch bowl.

I'm much more the 'Stay indoors with a bottle of wine and Strictly Come Dancing' sort of girl. BUT I am a self-proclaimed "Alternative night out" expert - i.e I know the best places to go if raving isn't your thing. Raving isn't my thing. I look awful in neon.

If You Want Some:

  • Seriously Nice Nosh!

I love food! Seriously, Love it! When it comes to eating in Kingston and London I can't actually tell you everywhere I like to go as you don't have a year. However here are some of my favourite eateries

  1. SNOG ( Amusing name aside, SNOG offers fantastically tasty frozen yoghurt in three flavours (Plain, Chocolate and Green Tea) and loads of toppings like chocolates, fruits and nuts. AND it's healthy! Well... moderately healthy. The bare bones dessert is but if you insist on covering it in chocolate I'm not going to be held responsible for your waistline. There are five SNOG shops around London, but my personal favourite is just off Covent Garden (I lost a hairclip in there when I was out with my ex on an all-nighter. If you see it let me know. It's got a strawberry on it.)
  2. Kingston Mill  I've already said how much I love this place in a previous blog but since I wrote that, THEY'VE GOT A NEW MENU!
  • Sidesplitting Laughs!

If comedy is your bag for a night out then you can't ask for much better than nights out here. With both well-established comedians and new up and coming artists performing nearly every night, the laughter is out there, it's just a case of finding it.

  1. Kingston SU (  Why travel miles when there's comedy at your door? KUSU organise regular comedy nights in the union with acts that have been on telly and everything. Tickets rarely cost more than £5.
  2. The Comedy Store, Piccadilly (  As seen on TV, the London Comedy Store is brilliant for a night out if you like your comedy as a mixed bag rather than a solo act. They do regular improv nights as well as solo gigs. Tickets vary in price from £10-£20 with student tickets available as long as you have a valid NUS card.
  3. The Comedy Hoopla   Excellent mix of stand-up comedy from new performers in the basement of the 'Hoop & Toy' pub in Kensington (literally visible from South Kensington tube station.) This is the place for you if you like your comedy intimate. Not for the faint hearted mind - you could end up as part of the act! Tickets are around £3 booking in advance or £5 on the door.
  • Sound, Screen & Stage!
  1. The Rose Theatre, Kingston (  Kingston's very own theatre is located on the Riverside in a mesh of excellent restaurants. The Rose offers a wide variety of shows to suit any taste from Rose exclusives to touring productions and everything in between. Again prices vary depending on the show but it's cheaper if you sit on the floor in the pit (Bring a cushion to prevent a numb posterior!)
  2. The E4 Slackers Club with Picturehouse Cinemas  (student discounts at certain cinemas.)  
  3. Oxjam (Music and poetry in association with Oxfam)
  4. The Fighting Cocks (Pub in Kingston - regular comedy and music nights.)

How to stay in the loop

I realise that you're coming to uni to learn. So there will be some actual lectures and stuff to attend, but when you're free and you find yourself craving something to do there's a few places you should pay attention to so you never find yourself left behind.


  1. Follow @SkintLondon (brilliant events around London for under £10, competitions and freebies. Invaluable for people living in London with no cash.)
  2. @ComedyHoopla (STUPIDLY CHEAP - Like £3 - comedy nights in the basement of a pub in Kensington.)
  3. @kingston_su (Kingston SU Twitter - up to date info about everything that's going on at the union.)


Lots of places have Facebook pages you can like. Sometimes this gives you access to discounts but also you'll get updates on your news feed about your favourite places without any extra effort.

NEWSLETTERS: Some of the venues I've listed above have email newsletters you can sign up to that will keep you in the know about everything that's going on as well as giving you discounts on food, drink and tickets.

So there you go! A little bit of a starting point for your new Kingston night time adventures!

Keeping Up With Time Keeping

Posted 16 Jan 2014 by Erin


I never miss an assignment deadline, but I certainly don't give myself a smooth ride meeting it. I'm a leave it to the last minute sort of girl. Well not entirely.

I go to my lectures and do all my set reading which provides with me with a lot of material for my assignments. And I easily pick upWorkload a few articles each day; I maybe have to push myself a bit more to do a chapter of a book. Fortunately I have speed reading skills that kick in after a period of laziness. In fact usually I have all the research I need to write up an assignment or to pull together a presentation... but it's the conjuring up the final piece I always leave to the last minute.

Why? Well, because nothing motivates me more than working with only a couple days or twenty-four hours before I have to hand in my work. Maybe I shouldn't call it motivation; it's more that the reality of time sinks in. And that's when my diet starts to consist of sugar laden snacks and caffeine loaded fizz, I deprive myself of sleep (I've done 24 hours straight and sometimes a stretch of 26 hours) and showers are a waste of precious keyboard tapping time.

In the end I get the decent grade, but not the best possible grade I have the potential of achieving because I simply don't put the time in. I have been getting better with my time management by doing some of the following things:
• Going to all lectures.
• Doing all set reading as soon as I receive it (e.g. a week before the next lecture)
• Creating a week long timetable that tells me what I should be doing each day and at what hour AND STICKING TO IT!
• Setting dates of meetings when doing group work.
• Keep a diary or calendar and noting down all dates of deadlines and checking diary regularly (you can do this your phone.)
• Aiming to read an article a day from trusted journal or website.
• Going to the library (or a place with no distractions) an hour a day and reading a chapter or two of a book in each session.
• Make a reference of everything you read when researching.

I wasn't always like this. In school and college I was very good at time management. Perfect attendance and punctuality, homework and coursework always handed in before the deadline. I knew if I didn't do these things then I would get into trouble with teachers and tutors. But at university you don't get chased around, nagged at or constantly reminded of deadlines. You had in a few hours late (without genuine reason and evidence) and your mark won't go past 40%. Had in a week late... you get a big fat zero!

Keep on top of your work before it topples you!

Study China

Posted 14 Jan 2014 by Laura


I've had some great news recently that I have been 1 of 300 successful applicants of the Study China programme. Apart from being super excited it's also quite nerve-racking!

The programme takes me to one of three universities within the country, where I will get the chance to study for three weeks. I will also get the opportunity to do some sight seeing and learn mandarin. I've always wanted to learn different languages and it's great to know some even if it's just for when you're abroad. Once I've learnt some mandarin I'd quite like to learn basic Russian and Italian.

I'm looking forward to seeing a different country as I really like exploring new places. It's something I'd encourage anyone to do. Many universities as well as Kingston offer great opportunities like this one to develop your skills and you as a person. Furthermore, employers love things like this on your CV as  it helps makes you that bit different from somebody else, it's also a great thing to talk about in interviews.

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