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Well the year has already got off to a great start!

We are straight back into work on our newest project, which is a live brief based around creating promotional animations for a book. It involves placing separate responsibilities on each member of the group (e.g. Producer, Director, Art Director), so each person has a different input into the production of the animation.

This serves really well for us individually as well as within a group as it helps us to see where our strengths lie. It also helps us to work together much better, as by having our own separate roles it allows us to become organised as to what each person should be doing.

This year is all about our Final Major Project, which is the work we will present in our final year show both at university and a show in London. Starting the year off with this project is great as it allows us to get back into the routine after the summer and also gives us time to think about what it is we are most passionate about. Our Final Major Project (FMP) can be anything we want, from a concept for an animation through to a full blown piece of work- the main point is for us to explore our talents and maybe even do something we have never done before, but have really wanted to try it!

I am really excited about what this year has in store for me, and look forward to having fun with my work and creating something at the end which I have really enjoyed!

The final chapter

Posted 31 Oct 2013 by Adam


The end of my time at University is nearly at an end, I have exactly 20 teaching weeks left, or 6.5 months left to go! I am looking forward to getting the studying done with, as I feel burnt out with all the studying I have done since I was 5, and feel ready to start a serious job. Asides from studying, I am not looking forward to leaving university one bit, I feel like I need another few more years. I didn't get too involved in my first year but for the last few I have really got engaged with extra curricular activities from volunteering, tennis, rowing to sailing now. I just want to do more fun things and meet more interesting people and will miss so many good friends once it's all over. As much stress and work that I have this final year I want to be more involved than any year as I really see this as the final chapter of my university life.

My top tip to anyone who eventually goes to university is just to get involved with all the extra-curricular activities that you may have an interest in or something that perhaps you may have never tried. I've tried a few things e.g. rowing and sailing that I thought I wouldn't like but have since fallen in love with boats! My ambassador job is also one of the most fun things I have ever done and has really made my university experience special, by educating others about higher education. There's just so much to get involved with and asides it all being part of the great fun university experience you will make so many friends and possibly friends for life! On top of that it will look really great on your CV and you will stand out against someone who perhaps wasn't as involved in their university experience, as employees are looking for all rounded people. Here is our student union website and it has plenty of information about clubs, societies and the fun/social aspects of our student life :

As I already mentioned it's going to be a very stressful year wrapping loose ends up, the modules are harder, faster pace, you're expected to remember everything from the first two years and it counts for 80% of our degree. Also most final year students have to do a massive project called a dissertation and my one is scary even thinking about it, I have only got ideas and need to crack on with it soon, I have to build something and then write up to 60 pages!

My TimetableIn terms of my timetable it's less busy this year, as the dissertation replaces a module, although we still have a guidance lecture for it. As you can in the image I have 3/4 lectures and 3 seminar workshops with Wednesdays off, Thursdays and Fridays are pretty much free too. However there is also supervisor meetings that I have to arrange in regard to my dissertation, independent studying, lots of coursework, regular class tests and final exams!

When I started university I felt like a little lost boy, providing I come through the next few months and get good grades I will feel like a well rounded confident young man ready for the big wide world! I will probably be absolutely shattered and worn out so got to plan a little holiday as a reward and motivation technique! University will fly by, you will be paying for it, so if anything just make the most of it all, make every penny feel worth it and everyday count :)

Knowing Your Town

Posted 30 Oct 2013 by Gemma


It's been a month since my last post, so I before anything I want to say WELL DONE for all you guys that got into Kingston University from your amazing grades at college, from either your A-Levels or BTEC courses!

So, if you have come to Kingston I hope you're all settling in well and had a good ‘freshers' week! Moving to a different place can be quite intimidating, especially if you're not from the area or anywhere remotely near (a bit like me, as I'm originally from a small town near Manchester!) and the lifestyle can be quite different! It may also be the first time for most of you of living alone, without your parents - and sometimes the independence can also be quite daunting! When I first moved to university, I didn't get halls, but instead lived in a private house, however I imagine most of the things that I did and needed to do are mostly the same as the things that you guys are doing now!

Firstly, shopping and knowing where to shop can be a hard decision! Where you're going to find things cheapest, where is closest to you and what is more convenient! I made the mistake of always going to my local corner shop or Tesco express for food, which when I look back on it, caused me to waste a lot of money! When shopping for food, I think it's much better to go into town, as there is a wide variety of places to go and you can shop around for the best deals! There are a couple of small supermarkets, like Asda (just off London road, near Tiffin school), Sainsburys (there is a huge one which is just behind the train station) and Lidl, which may have a reputation of being cheap, but for us students I find it is a great place to go for things, especially pasta, meat and alcohol (as most of the alcohol products in there are the same as regular high street/well-known brands but are often half of the price!). There is also the market, which you newbies should check out, this is just by the Bentalls centre, (if you come out of the main entrance and cross the high street, you'll see shops like Scribble and Office and it's just by there!) Here you can get fantastic deals on fruit and vegetables as the market sellers will often sell you things by the bowl (which is always ridiculously cheap) or you can buy things in quantities you choose, and by how much you need!

Kingston has a massive range of shops in all varieties, from clothes shops, to café's (I really recommend you all go to one of the café's on the street just next to starbucks, as they do cheap and tasty food, often with money off for us students!!). Kingston is a great place to be, and I would suggest everyone goes and explores it, and find your own favourite spot, here's a picture of mine...just by the river :D

Gemma down by the River

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