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An Inaugural Occasion

Posted 7 Nov 2013 by Renai


Salut, peeps!

On Tuesday, September 17th, I got the pleasure of being one of the few Student Ambassadors to attend the Inauguration of Chancellor Bonnie Greer, to talk to guests about my experience as a student here at Kingston, and also get to meet some really great people. She was definitely the woman of the night, and after her speech not only was I motivated to do my absolute best in my final year, but to never stop pursuing knowledge, even after my university days are long gone.

During her beautiful speech, she gave a mini background into her childhood, and how her father was an advocate for education, and instilled that advocacy in her. What resonated with me is what she stated he said to her, which in so many terms was that "people could never take your knowledge". Her story and her encouraging words is exactly what I needed to hear. I needed to be reminded that I should never give up and always do the best that I can. It is very refreshing to see persons like the Chancellor, and a lot of my professors, so vested in ensuring we get the most out of our time here at the university. I am very excited to see her involvement throughout the University, Her eagerness to continue to contribute to Higher Education and to the future really has me excited about this school year.

 Although I didn't get to meet the Chancellor, I got so much out of that event and I hope to keep up this extra motivation I got from her, to do my best and hopefully encourage others through working as a Student Ambassador to continue in higher education and to be whatever they want to be.

All the best on the new year beautiful people, and keep the questions coming!

Time to Step Up My Game!

Posted 4 Nov 2013 by Paula


So this time last year I was a fresher looking forward to uni, raring to get those grades and get a good start on what will be the rest of my life (no pressure right?).

Fast forward a year to now and I'd say I got off to a great start, made loads of friends - and future contacts, made use of use of the great cv building opportunities and most importantly got some good grades. But what does that matter first year doesn't count right? True, that's why it's time for me to step up my game so I can do even better this year and next year, it's not enough just to get that coveted 1st class degree but become that all round employable person that employers want to bring into their company. So that's my game plan for the rest of my uni career and good luck to everyone trying to achieve the best as well.

Bye until next time!


Posted 4 Nov 2013 by Laura



So, I figured since it's now ‘assignment season' I'd talk a little about them! I don't know about other courses but I do remember many of us talking about how the projects were ‘so similar to business A-level' ...BUT don't let that fool you!! What they're looking for in assignments at uni is NOT the same! They're looking for much more research and analysis of what you're given.

Also, Harvard referencing is added to the equation! Referencing and I...we have a love hate relationship. It was definitely my worst nightmare at first! But there are many help guides online and on the Kingston website to help you's fine once you get used to it!

But, together with referencing comes plagiarism! Make sure you don't go onto different websites (yep, that means Wikipedia aswell!) and copy and paste different sentences and think it'll be okay! It wont! All assignments are handed in online and processed through a program called ‘Turn it in' and that way they can see if you've copied anyone! Don't worry, sounds scarier than it is!

Lastly, each faculty has a service where you can go with your assignment and ask for some help (it's called BLASC at Kingston Hill!); mainly with the fluency of writing, referencing and grammar! It's always good to go at least once with your assignment, the way you deliver your assignment, presentation and grammar wise, can make a big difference!

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