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As you'll know if you've read any of my previous blogs, I'm currently in the process of conducting my research project and writing up my dissertation! This has been (and still is) a big part of my degree at the moment!

This year, the Psychology team at the university (which is made up of a mixture of both staff and students) decided to hold the first ever undergraduate psychology conference at the university, to bring all three years of the undergraduate degree together, and all of the Masters and PhD students too! The aim of this event was to allow everyone to get to know each other a little bit more, allow us all to submerge ourselves in a subject that we're all passionate about for a day, and for students to share their projects and the things that they have found in their work!

Psychology Conference CertificateThe event was organised by the student committee, and was a full day event, with guest speakers from Professors of other institutions, employability talks, alumni question and answer sessions as well as presentations from current final year students! I was lucky enough to be approached by my dissertation supervisor and was asked to present my dissertation, to show people what I have been doing for the past few months, and to show people what I had found from my study!

So to give you all a brief overview of my dissertation project: I decided to investigate whether or not there is a relationship between individuals impulsivity levels, alcohol use and engagement in anti-social behaviours, and to aim to find a relationship I had to conduct a study which required participants to complete a series of questionnaires which I would later statistically analyse! I found that there was a massive relationship between these three factors, which luckily for me means that my experiment worked!

Over the course of the day, there were seven oral presentations from students about their dissertation projects, and it really gave me an insight into what other people have been doing, and having an insight into what aspects of psychology different people feel passionate about! All of the topics were totally different, and ranged from looking at body image, to judgement and reasoning! The day really made me realise how lucky I am to be doing a degree that I love, and enjoy doing and showed me how important it is to be getting involved in Extra Curricular activities to really develop a love for the subject and be able to see what's been going on throughout the department! From this day, I would seriously encourage any of you to get involved in everything that you can at university, and support your departments as much as possible!

Also, a massive congrats to all the guys that put the event together, and to all the people that presented! :)

Undergraduate Psychology Conference 2014 

(Photo Credit: Erica Mundahl)

Uni Jargon - Decoded!

Posted 4 Apr 2014 by Leisa


Hi everyone ! I have worked at a lot of schools, sixth forms and colleges and I have noticed a lot of people find some university jargon a bit confusing - rightfully so! I know before I came to university a lot of these words didnt really mean much to me. So this is a quick glossary. A list of terms that should makes things a bit clearer if you are slightly lost with all these words you keep hearing when you're on a campus tour or open day or even just reading through our blogs!

Lecture    A class, usually lasting at least an hour, often to a room of over a hundred students, taken and led by a lecturer.

Workshops   These usually run in conjunction with the lectures they are associated with: in a two-hour lecture, the second hour may comprise of a workshop where students are given tasks or questions to work on in smaller groups.

Module   A subject unit of your degree. Most degrees consist of a number of core modules and modules which you choose to take.

Capped Marks   If you fail a module (by getting below 40%, usually), you will have the option to retake it - however, regardless of the new grade you actually get, it will be "capped" at 40%. This is in part to discourage students from attempting "multiple tries" or "spreading out" their modules!

Reading Week/Enrichment Week   Basically a fancy name for Half Term, though it doesn't always fall halfway through term. Students are supposed to use this week to work on their ongoing assignments, reading, or projects.

Seminar   Some modules, as well as having lectures, will run seminars as part of the contact hours for the week. These are smaller, student-led classes.

Tutor   A module tutor will take seminars (and may lecture for one or more of your modules as well). A personal tutor acts as a point of contact for your course concerns.

My Kingston   The name for the KU student intranet which acts contains your online resources and info regarding uni, and also includes OSIS and Studyspace.

Studyspace   An online resource which allows you to download course files, module guides, lecture notes, extra materials, and also where you may have to hand in online copies of your coursework.

OSIS   Stands for Online Student Information System: OSIS lets you apply and enrol, and once you are a student at Kingston gives you access to course dates and timetables, as well as information on things like course results and finance.

Don't miss it - Taste KU event

Posted 3 Apr 2014 by Sarah


Working the Taste KU eventHi everyone,
Guess what, I am here again with something different this time. I recently worked at Taste KU open day and though maybe I should share my best experience with you all. Some of you might not know what this event is about which is normal as I wasn't sure myself but I do NOW. This event was mainly for students who have been made an offer by Kingston University. This was my first time working at this event so was really excited. Waking up early in the morning wasn't really fun but I think it was worth it. I worked with new Ambassadors and was so proud of myself to be part of experienced ambassador team. During this event I met students who were in the same school I went to. I was so surprised and happy to welcome them to my University. Fantastically some of them wanted to do Accounting and Finance which is what I am doing. After attending this event my friends had a chance to find out more information about their course and they were really happy to make Kingston their firm choice.

I  also made a new friend "Banana" and "Orange". Luckily, I managed to take few pictures with Banana and here they are.  I wanted to take some pictures with Orange too but Orange was really shy to take pictures with anyone. I would strongly advise everyone to attend these events if you are thinking of coming to Kingston. This will help you decide whether you want to make Kingston your firm choice. Also, you will get a real taste of what it is like at Kingston University. The next event is coming up this Saturday.  This is all for this blog, I will catch you later with more blogs SOON...

Working at Taste KUWorking at Taste KU

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