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The first few weeks of term

Posted 15 Oct 2013 by Jane


An amazing fruit sculpture at the Caribbean BBQ

The first semester of my third year at Kingston has started with a bang-four new modules and a lecture programme more focussed on the end result-a degree in Pharmacology. I've had some great lectures at the beginning of the semester and am looking forward to the amount of lab time we have this year.

Just before the semester started I was involved in three different events- GetSet4KU, an event for students who had been accepted to Kingston via clearing; Fast Forward, which was an event for Compact Scheme students and I was also lucky enough to be invited to Bonnie Greer's inauguration ceremony, where we watched her become the new Chancellor.

All three events were brilliant-I loved being a part of them and meeting a lot of prospective students. The evening events for GetSet4KU and Fast Forward were both amazing-a cruise on the River Thames and a Caribbean BBQ!

Meeting Bonnie Greer was really inspiring and the themes within her speech really hit home as she worked from scratch to get through her education and to get to where she is now. She talked of not being able to pay tuition fees one semester-a kind Professor paid them for her so that she could continue learning-and that made me very glad to be in a University system that isn't too expensive, and with a repayment system linked to what you are earning. After her speech there was a drinks reception where we all mingled and eventually managed to meet Bonnie and welcome her to the University as Student Ambassadors. It was a wonderful evening.

At Bonnie Greers inauguration

I was also asked during Induction to talk to the Foundation Year students about what to expect from their first year at Kingston University. Ben and I wrote a list of ‘Foundation Year Top Tips' about how to survive the year and gave them to the group. It was the first time both of us had spoken to so many people and we were excited afterwards that it went so well.

I've just celebrated my birthday and had a great few days with family and friends, and as always I had some wonderful birthday wishes from my lovely fellow Student Ambassadors!

Open day season.

Posted 14 Oct 2013 by Laura


It's my first blog since the start of year two...

It's been a great long summer so I have lots to talk about, however the most recent thing was my first KU Open Day! It was a little scary at first as it had been a few moths since the training, yet the ambassadors with whom I was working with helped out A LOT. Even though it was work it was fun. I got a chance to meet more of the Ambassadors and talk to potential students, some of which were from near me home in Kent. After around 7 tours I was done for the day. The good thing is that each tour is different, you either show one family around or a group of people and all of them are great.

I've also just got back off holiday from Disneyland Paris!!! You're never to old :) (the early mornings at open days really pay off when you can treat yourself). I would have some photos but I can't get them on my laptop at the moment - so watch this space...

About Me and My Third Year

Posted 14 Oct 2013 by Jami


Hello! As this is my first blog, I thought I would just write a little bit about myself and my course. So, to start with the basics: I'm Jami, I am originally from the USA, and I'm now starting my Third year in Psychology at Kingston. My home town is Pensacola, Florida, so living and studying in the UK has been a big change for me, and though I find it challenging being so far away from home, I really feel like moving here and studying here has been an immensely wonderful experience. My goal for after I finish my bachelor's degree is to go on to get both an MD and a PhD, so I have a long way to go before I complete my education.

Beginning the third year is both extremely exciting and extremely terrifying. This is the year when everything is supposed to be decided, when procrastinating and writing an entire essay the night before it's due (energy drinks in the LRC, anyone?) will probably not mean that it will scrape a pretty acceptable pass, but instead will equate to a fail and, if one chooses to tell them, some not so impressed parents. Yes, the third year can be pretty foreboding, but it's also the year when classes get more interesting because they're not just covering the basics, and everyone is sort of starting to realise that that hey, they actually did absorb some things during the past two years. This year I am taking Neuropsychology and Neuro-rehabilitation, Developmental and individual differences, Psychology of Art and Film, and my final dissertation project.

Something I was particularly looking forward to (and to be honest, dreading) before starting my third year and which actually embodies both of these sentiments perfectly was the dissertation project. The dissertation project is a long writing assignment based on research conducted throughout the year. It basically gives the opportunity to put to use some of the things learned throughout the course, and to produce a report which COULD eventually turn into something substantial in it's field. The Psychology dissertation is to be around 10,000 words, which sounds reasonably difficult, but given that we have a year to complete it, and major milestone dates are laid out for us to minimise procrastination, it's really not so bad. Last week I had my first meeting with my supervisor, and it's made me really excited. The project I'm doing is pretty much perfect for me, it's so fascinating and touches on the branches of Psychology I am most interested in. I was also worried before starting my project that I wouldn't get along with my supervisor, but after meeting him I felt confident that he would be supportive and helpful throughout the process. Right now we are in the very basic stages of our research projects, which, for me at least, means lots and lots of reading. My dissertation is due at the end of March, so the goal is to have successfully started collecting data before the winter holidays. There is a lot of work to do before then, but I'm feeling really good about it!

All of my other classes are really interesting as well, but I would say only half of what makes up university are the classes, and the other half is the general experience. It feels as though the first two years have completely flown by, and it's hard not to focus on all of the things I should have done and regret not experiencing during my first two years. During my first two years I didn't join any societies other than Volunteering, and it is definitely one of my biggest regrets since starting this year. My plan is to join a few societies this week, and also to get more involved in volunteering, because I really want to make the most of what university has to offer while I can. So that is a little information about me. Right now I am getting ready to start reading through one of the many articles I have to read for my dissertation, and am trying to decide what film to watch for my Psychology of Art and Film class later, and I can tell right now that it's going to be a busy week and month. Hopefully in my future blogs I will be writing about how much progress I'm making on my dissertation and how great my new societies are, but only time will tell! If you have any questions, please feel free to ask and I will help out as well as I can.

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