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Treating yourself

Posted 24 Sep 2013 by Paula


We all know being a student is stressful work, making sure you hand your assignments in on time and to the best of your ability requires some serious focus and motivation, that's why it's great to treat yourself every now and then for all the hard work you've done. How you chose to do it is all up to you, but if you're like me and love to reward yourself with some sweet treats then look no further, here are my top 5 places for satisfying your sweet tooth!

Creams1. Creams
This is heaven for dessert lovers, with a wide variety of sweet treats many of which are under a fiver (bargain right?) the question is how to stop yourself coming here? Located on Clarence Street, it's a great place to unwind with friends after a day of lectures and just relax........and eat of course.




Millies Cookies

2. Millie's cookies
Everyone loves cookies don't they? And Millie's are the best of the best. Located by the wood street exit/entrance of the Bentalls Shopping Centre they've got loads of cookie flavour combinations, cookie related treats and ‘meal' deals it goes down a real treat. Also ask about their privilege card which gives you countless discounts too, it's a no brainer.




3. Shakeaway
One day somewhere, someone decided to mix desserts and various other edible products with ice cream and thus Shakeaway was born. Located on Thames Street, Shakeaway's milkshakes are as tasty as they are a blessing on a hot summers day (they don't taste too bad warmed up on a cold winters day either). Look out for their loyalty card scheme which gives you a free milkshake after 10 buys.



Baskin Robbins4. Baskin Robbins
Imagine the best ice cream you've ever tasted and times that by 10 and you have to dairy genius that is Baskin Robbins. Yes it's sort of expensive but hey you're treating yourself, just imagine all the possibilities ice cream in a tub, on a cone, on a waffle, on a brownie, in a cake, in a milkshake- Mmmmmm. They also have a loyalty card scheme just like Shakeaway.




Sweet revenge

5. Sweet revenge
Sounds harsh but is anything but, this local shop located in the market place make the cutest and tastiest cakes ever. Buy a cupcake, buy a slice of cake, buy the whole cake or even a brownie if you're not feeling that cakey. My personal favourite is the red velvet cake, a must-buy.


Bonnie gets her KU Welcome!

Posted 24 Sep 2013 by Ben


On the 17th of September a group of us lucky student ambassadors were invited to our new chancellor, Bonnie Greer's, inauguration ceremony. As we arrived and entered the Lawley Lecture theatre at the Kingston Hill campus, we were greeted by the sounds of a live trumpet quartet. I'm glad I did end up buying a smart shirt and tie just before arriving, as everyone was dressed to impress. There was a real mix of students, lecturers, senior members of staff and many other VIP's. As Bonnie Greer walked in there was a buzz in the air and my friend next to me was primed with her pen and paper, ready to take notes for the Kingston River (student newspaper).

I found Greers' speech humbling and heartfelt. Not once did she look down at her notes and at one point she got quite emotional. She retold an event, which happened to her when she was studying for her undergraduate. She explained how she had no money left and one of her lecturers had kindly offered to pay a term of her university fees. I found that her story of coming from nothing was inspiring and sets the perfect example for students of what is possible if you put your mind to it.

Me and some other student ambassadors meeting Bonnie Greer

Later in the evening we were invited for drinks and refreshments in the new Business Atrium building. Canapés, Cava and a live Jazz band were the perfect recipe for networking. I managed to talk to a former student who is currently on the Kingston graduate scheme about how he was finding his placement and what he thought of the scheme. He also gave me a few tips on what I should do if I should apply for it. Later, I found a few of the other ambassadors and we decided to go and welcome Bonnie Greer and explained a little bit about the SA scheme. We all shook her hand and had our photo taken with her. It was a perfect end to a wonderful evening.

3rd Year at Kingston

Posted 20 Sep 2013 by Nicole


In about two weeks I start my 3rd and last year of studies at Kingston. It's so true; time does fly by very quickly. Now that I've come this far, there's definitely no giving up and there is no going back. Feeling excited? Well, I'm most definitely excited, passionate and determined about my third year at Kingston. Why am I feeling excited about my third year at Kingston? I am excited because Kingston for me is like studying at home. Kingston provides this comfortable, welcoming and relaxed atmosphere. The university offers a great range of different support and social networks/societies to keep you busy, well informed and integrated. Also, the university has taught me a range of new transferable skills such as the ability to interpret and look at a wide range of issues and make sense of them. The above skill has definitely helped me to progress through my course and has made me more inspired, excited and eager to get back to the hard work.

Although, I had the most lovely summer break relaxing on the beach in Portugal and roller-skating with my friends near Vauxhall. This summer gave me time to reflect on the fact that 2nd year had finished. I am now thinking about how am I going to cope with my studies and my social life in 3rd year? Words that came to mind were about planning ahead, prioritising and making/sticking to deadlines. In fact, due to my excitement and enthusiasm about being in 3rd year, I had already started planning ahead by shopping around for the educational essentials such as value priced notepads, a packet of black ball-point pens and post-it notes from a range of stationary shops. Also, I spent a few minutes trailing through my course module guides identifying the core books to buy on Amazon at a discounted price.

As you may know, being a student means having to budget and to manage your money really carefully. Yes, as students we may feel tempted to buy things which we may not necessarily need. But, always remember that money for rent, accommodation and food should be a high priority. In my case, I try to balance the costs of being a student; I am managing my budget more efficiently by putting aside money each month to pay for travel to Kingston. Lastly, when coming to university being organised is a must! So, if you haven't been as organised as you can in your first or second year, your success in third year pretty much relies on you being able to manage your time efficiently.

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