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Books, Books and more Books5 - Finding books in the library

Getting lost in the library is a favourite pastime of mine.

I'm studying what I'm passionate about so when it comes to choosing essay topics and researching a subject, I fully throw myself into it and take out about 10 books at a time. Finding the books is probably the funnest part if I'm honest.





 Hanging out in the Library cafe4 - Hang out in the library cafe

Most mornings I'll get my coffee and read the newspaper.

Open from early in the morning, until late at night the cafe is a saviour and the newspapers are put out in the library cafe free of charge everyday. It's the best place to have a break from studying and chat with friends.



Having fun in class3 - Have fun in class
Having fun without words in my lecture, my friend and I got creative.

Although, sometimes students don't make it to early morning classes, I always regret missing class so even if I'm still half asleep I get myself there. I always find I feel better about it and sometimes it can be really fun seeing my classmates I don't see otherwise.



Being a student ambassador 2 - Being a Student Ambassador

Community open day at Kingston Hill was one of the funniest day's I've worked.

Being an ambassador means I've met such a diverse groups of people that I probably wouldn't have met otherwise. I've had so many fun experiences working on campus!


Hanging out at the SU bar1 - Hang out at the SU Bar
The outside patio at Knights Park SU Bar is perfect for summer time drinks and a chat.

I love Knights Park bar because the outside area is a lot more social and next to the river. Plus it's only round the corner from Penryhn, and then a five mintue walk from my house!



I really enjoy looking at other students' work5 - Students' projects

Seeing what other students are getting up to across the campuses is always fun. My favourite is always the art exhibitions. What they create is always outstanding.




4 - Cougar Chaos

Our sports teams and players are known as Cougars (not to be confused with middle-aged women after younger gentlemen!). On Cougar Chaos night, which happen the first Wednesday of every month and are themed nights, all sports teams come together. From the name, I'm sure you've guessed... it ends in chaos!

Cougar Chaos!

A Cougar Chaos night out!










3- Raid the movie collection

For those nights where you just want to come home and relax in front of a movie, the huge stock of movies that Kingston University Library has can make any movie fan happy. It's free and you have a week to watch it as many times as you like.

Out and about with the Cycling Club2 - Sports

Sports provide a chance to take part in something that you enjoy and meet others with the same interests. In most circumstances the people that you meet with the sports team will become your friends throughout the rest of your University life.



1 - Getting work done at Knights Park Campus Library

Everyone will have their own location where they find they get the most work done.
For me, it would be Knights Park Campus Library, although I'm based at Kingston Hill Campus. The sunlight that comes into the huge open space is the most relaxing environments to work in from any of the campuses. You must find where you work best yourself though as everyone is different.


Working hard and taking notes in a lecture5 - Going to classes
Going to class makes this list because it is extremely enjoyable and rewarding to actually attend your lectures, really! I'm not saying there aren't moments when it's a 9am class and you don't want to wake up, but for the most part, lectures are going to be interesting because they pertain to what you chose to study, and what you want to do with your life. Going to lectures isn't just rewarding because of the knowledge you gain, but you meet interesting people, and actually attending lectures helps keep you close to the other students and lecturers on your course.



Hannafords bar at Kingston Hill4 - Relaxing in the University Bars.
At Kingston there are three uni bars, the Space Bar at Penrhyn Road, Hannafords bar at Kingston Hill, and the Knights Park bar at Knights Park. Each of these uni bars has a relaxed, yet lively atmosphere, always having great music and events such as comedy club nights to take part in. They're open throughout the day so it can be a great place to take a break between classes, grab subway and shoot pool or play a game on the Wii. It is just really great to have close by if you ever need to wind down.


Going to talks and debates3 - Going to talks and debates
Kingston often has external guest specialist speakers give really worthwhile talks about their area of work, and no matter what course you're studying at Kingston there will be a talk to interest you. Often such speakers are very highly esteemed in their area of work, and they can often be quite famous. It can be really inspirational to attend a talk given by someone so well known in their industry. In addition to these talks there are often debates held between students and talks carried out by different societies, which can always be really worthwhile to attend.



Volunteering - one of my most favourite things2 - Volunteering
From meeting me it's really easy to tell that one of my favourite things to get involved in at university is volunteering. Kingston has both long term and one-off volunteering projects to get involved in throughout the year. I enjoy these because they always provide a new experience and it's a great way to meet people and feel like you're making some king of difference. Of course it looks fantastic on your CV as well, but the real benefit comes from seeing that you're giving back and helping a worthwhile cause.


Festivals and events on campus1 - Attending uni festivals and events
Kingston often has festivals and other exciting events in which there are fun things to do and free foods to be eaten. Such events can be focused around culture or religion, global issues, art and film, sports, etc. They occur regularly at Kingston, so there's always some kind of student event to look forward to. It's always an unbeatable atmosphere and is really an integral part to the university experience, so I try to get involved with as many of these events as possible.


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