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Posted 13 Jan 2014 by Adam


Adam on BoatSince I've started university I've always tried to get involved but I always ended up trying the things I already knew I liked. I kept it too safe and did sports that I can do any time e.g football, tennis and rugby. Therefore knowing as this was going to be my last possible chance I thought why not try something new?!

I went to freshers' fayre and let all the presidents convince me why I should join their club while I was getting plenty of freebies! The president of the sailing club (Oliver) convinced me to try out sailing, deep down it had always been something I wanted to try out but I never even knew we had sailing at Kingston University!

I went to the trial session just after freshers' week and thought I'd be the only non new fresher student there, but there was a great mix of all years that were interested. I got to go on a sail boat for the first time in my life and also went in a boat for the first time in my life and funnily enough also got to ride the powerboat too! The closest I got prior to this was watching titanic!

I've managed to learn a few key new skills in riding and learning how to get them into the water and pack them away. I've really appreciated the trust shown in me; I was able to go out alone in a one man sail boat (Pico) and although I felt ready, I certainly wasn't and ended up almost crashing into some really expensive boats, but thankfully the safety boat was there to help me. I am learning and trying to analyse how the wind effects the sail boat, after all the wind is mainly what makes the sail boat move!

Adam on Boat 2Quick question what do you do with a sick sail boat? You take it to the doc!
Not only do we get to go on a range of sail boats and engine boats but we also have a committee where we the students run the club. I applied for the position title Treasurer (Captain) and I got voted in. I love working with numbers as it is related to my degree and by getting involved even further with the club you have a greater say on how you want the club to be shaped and it will look really good on your CV while developing key skills!

There are also socials too that are put on throughout the year and there is a dinner every Tuesday with a smart dress code. It's a great way to get to meet new people and form new friendships that you otherwise may not be able to as easily. The bunch of people that do sailing are all really great and we all get along really well! Here is a picture of the last dinner I attended the other week right after our committee meeting.

To get a better flavour for what we do, our advertising officer created an incredible video showcasing exactly what it is that we do down at Kingston University Sailing Club.

It only cost's £5 to be a member which I personally think is the best £5 I've ever spent in my life! To go sailing at other clubs can be many hundreds of pounds and some resort places can charge thousands to be a member. Once I've picked up more skills I will be able to take out any sail boats when they aren't in use and just casually sail off in the River Thames.

Sailing Dinner

I thought I should seize upon a once in a lifetime opportunity and who knows maybe next time I am on holiday somewhere hot and exotic I will feel comfortable sailing or riding a boat! My top tip really is just to try something new, you never know what you may come to like and if you do come to Kingston University I would highly recommend just to try out sailing/power boating, you may end up loving it like me!

Any questions about this feel free to ask me on here and for more information about sailing here check out our club website and Facebook page

Last little boat joke why did the sail boat sink while it was rope tied and attached to the dock? Pier pressure!


If you don't know what Harvard referencing is yet, then it should mean you're a fresher or prospective student.  If you're neither of these and you still haven't heard this term then it means you haven't been doing any of your assignments/coursework (tut tut) or you've been doing them completely wrong and I don't know how you've made it this far (due to plagiarism)!

I'm in my final year of Biomedical Science and luckily for me I do not get assigned many essays/coursework to write - Think I only had 2/3 in my first 2 years. Unlucky for Business/Law students who get coursework nearly every month. I'm now writing my dissertation and I've been reminded how much I hate this term - HARVARD REFERENCING.

It is a must for every coursework written. Up to now I don't if it was invented just to prevent plagiarism or to make every students life's difficult. Harvard referencing is a referencing style used so that the reader can clearly see the texts from which you have obtained ideas, quotations, paraphrases, examples and facts. It includes in-text citations and a bibliography at the end of your assignment. And not to forget the random, pointless different types of formats (i.e italics) and punctuation in the referencing list that makes the whole referencing process a pain!

Referencing correctly can take you half the time it took you to write the whole assignment if you don't follow the correct steps. Plus you gain marks for doing it correctly. My tips to you are that:
1. As you go along, keep note of where you get each bit of information from i.e authors name, date, title and page number.
2. Don't forget to cite as you go along.
3. Avoid using Wikipedia. It is not accepted as an educational source so people spend up to months looking for the original information from Wikipedia.
4. Make sure you're using the correct referencing style. Follow the referencing guide given to you from your tutor's or ask a librarian! They'll be happy to help.
5. And most importantly, leave plenty of time for referencing. Many people make the mistake of thinking they can do their reference list 15 minutes before their assignment is due. (Not going to lie, I made that mistake for my first assignment lol.) Referencing correctly can take up to 1 hour to do, so again make sure you leave enough time!
Good luck and happy referencing


I have certainly entertained myself with the thought of becoming homeless on multiple occasions. Let's face it- I am not studying Science, Math or Business, so the picture looks a bit complicated. This being said, I have decided that there are plenty of bags and shoes to be bought and worn proudly. Okay, in all honesty, it's the thrill that I can change lives for better and inform people that really motivates me. Therefore, I am on a mission to do what I am passionate about without letting any worries stop me from pursuing my dreams.

What Would you Attempt

A quote struck me the other week: ‘What would you do, if you knew you could not fail?' I must have read this sentence a hundred times, yet it never touched me until now. I guess I needed the right context for it. What better motivation does one need when deciding on a future career, really?

In my case, the quote struck me because I often let my fear get in the way of me going for the things I really care about. In fact, I tend to focus on what I lack instead of focusing on all the things going for me, when looking at a job description. Truth is, us (future) graduates are all peas in the same pot. We have our degrees going for us and all that extra stuff we were involved in while at university.

If you are just about to go to university, I can't emphasize strongly enough how important it is for you to get involved and get experience. Apply, volunteer, ask, do, network. In any case, you have a minimum of three years to figure out what to do next.
If you happen to be doing a degree in Arts and Social Sciences, don't let what everybody else says distract you from what you truly want to do with that degree. If I have learnt anything from university so far, it is that people can always see whether you are genuinely interested in a topic or you are simply scraping the surface. What I am trying to say is: don't fake your interests.

In any case, I have figured out I am going to go for what makes me happy, what I am passionate about and what will ultimately make me get up even at 6 o'clock in the morning, if not earlier. If you are still reading my rant about insecurities, my advice is to slash yours (if you have any) to pieces. Go for the thing that will define your life, not for what everyone else thinks you should do.
In order to do that, keep a diary, a blog, a vlog, a website, channel, stay at a company for more than 6 months; any of these would potentially show your dedication. You need something like that going for you, when applying. Be willing, more than that, be happy, that you are putting in the work and the time, even when it is hard.

I guess I said a lot of things. The main thing is that a degree in Arts and Social Sciences can open a lot of doors for you. Yes, most

people are studying Business and Economics-related degrees and these are all noble professions. Guess what though. The world is still (to the moment I am writing this post) full of humans, who are ready for your passion, kindness and knowledge of arts and all sorts of social sciences.

So, go for it. Show them what you've got.

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