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Deadlines & Placements

Posted 11 Jan 2014 by Laura


So all the deadlines are fast approaching for many of the assignment...but also the placements!!

Seeing as most of my time these past two months has revolved around improving my CV and also writing cover letters...I thought I'd share some tips on what you can start doing NOW to help you stand out to employers, in placement or graduate schemes.
Employers look for all-rounded students therefore start thinking, do you do any extracurricular activities? Are you part of any teams? If not, start joining now! Also, when you join University try and do as many things as possible, especially during first year where you'll have more time! There are all kinds of societies for all types of people, sporty or not. The recruiters really look at this as a sign of commitment, involvement and also teamwork!!

You also need...EXPERIENCE! If you already know what you want to go into when you graduate it might be helpful if you find an internship or maybe if it's just voluntary work once a week! But, if like me you haven't been able to do an Internship having part time jobs is very important. It's not essential for placements; however it really is a strong bonus and will definitely make you stand out. Even though you might think, how is working as a sales assistant going to help me in a Finance job? You can still learn from your time as an assistant and use transferrable skills! For example: responsibility and understanding how a business works.

Kingston offers a free language scheme for all students, make the most of it! Being able to say you speak two languages, or even more is also a key aspect to give you higher chances of going round to the ‘second stage' of recruitment!

Well I guess I better get back to applications...Hope this has helped!


I never ever thought I was smart enough to go to university, just didn't think my brain could ever reach those depths but I'm here now. I might be 16 years later than most but the important thing to me is that I got here in the end.

Some say that there are advantages to being a mature student because you may have to make a lot of sacrifices. For me this is definitly the case, don't get me wrong I currently feel like I'm having the best time of my life, in my mind but my body speaks otherwise. "It's crying out for rest".

Well nobody said it was going to be easy. Being a single mother of two children (boy 8, girl 6), studying, and working two part-time jobs. Sometimes when I dream, I dream of sleep, that's when I'm not missing out on sleep, due to essays or caring for a poorly child.

Why put myself through this you might ask? Well it's simple, I've always wanted that achievement of having studied at a higher level and I've always wanted a job in a field that I feel passionately about. So believe me when I tell you it's worth the sacrifice. I truly am having the best time of my life and my kids are benefitting greatly because their mother is so happy.

So for those that might think you can't or couldn't, or that it might be too much to take on, a struggle perhaps, go on you might surprise yourself... in taking up what could ultimately be the best challenge of your life.


THE KUSU teamI had never imagined that I would run in elections even if it's for something very small but I did and I won!

It all started off with the thought of wanting to give it try, the Student Media Officer post was empty and I thought maybe I should just give it a shot and see if I can manage to get about 50 something votes and decided to nominate myself. As elections were coming closer I was constantly questioning my decision when something strange or maybe I should say miraculous happened and I heard that our Women's Officer has resigned, I was lucky because I wasn't very passionate about the Student Media Officer role and as a feminist/committee member of the feminist society I clearly wanted to run for the Women's Officer role instead. Students Union CEO, Mark Horne sent all the candidates an email asking if anyone is interested in running for the Women's Officer role and my answer was a YES obviously, even KUSU President, Denza Gonsalves sent me a message saying: "The role you were after is available now!" and there I was running for the Women's Officer role against two other talented women. Campaign week had begun; going around all the campuses, preaching on the University buses, distributing flyers etc etc, we did it all and it worked! To be very honest, I wasn't really expecting it to work and that's why I didn't go in when they were announcing the result. I was kind of shocked to find out that I was elected and the best part was that I had won with 100s of votes, it wasn't even a close win!

I started my role as the new Women's Officer about a month ago and I am glad I made the decision of running in the by-elections because there is nothing better than working for something you are passionate about. It's been only over a month and I have made some great networks with other Women's Officers and feminist activists across the UK including Kelley Temple, who is the NUS Women's Officer & after attending the NUS Women in Leadership conference in Birmingham, my perspective about women in leadership roles has changed for good. I would most likely be running for the president role because I enjoy working with the Student Union to make life better for our students.

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