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Spotted: Ama-gi

Posted 27 Dec 2013 by Teddy (Teodora)


This is probably one of the most asked questions when I meet potential students and most definitely one of the top trending discussions in websites such as The Student Room and the like. The short answer to whether the nightlife is good is: ‘YES' and now I would like to tell you a bit more about it.

In all honesty, there is plenty to do in Kingston. After all, we are only a 15 minute train ride away from Waterloo station. Pretty convenient, in my opinion! Now, once you get here, there are plenty of restaurants to go to as well as clubs. Let's face it, you are about to start your first year at university, so you are bound to be looking into trying out the local clubs.
Fear not, there are plenty! In my first year at Kingston, (I am now in my final year) I used to love Ama-gi and I still do. In my opinion, one of the best combinations is The Mill, which is a nice pub almost next door to the second step of the night- Ama-gi. The Mill always has some sort of a promotion going on and the atmosphere is great. You are bound to see a lot of people from university there, especially on a Monday night.

Why on a Monday night, you say? Well, in my opinion every club in Kingston has its own particularly good night. So, to start off the week- it's The Mill + Ama-gi!

Typically, Monday nights are Ladies Night at Ama-gi. As long as you are a) a girl and b) you go before 11.30 pm, the entry is free. Drinks also start from £ 1.50. Let's face it. The guys reading this post will most definitely want to go there for the girls.
Every Wednesday night at Ama-gi is called ‘Grooveline'. They play 90s Hip-hop, trap, UK bass, Future Garage, Deep House- you get the picture. Even if it is not exactly your type of music, the crowd that goes is pretty good.
Ama-gi also takes pride in saying that they host Kingston's only student friendly night on Friday. By that they mean that they love attracting a fun-loving crowd that they can entertain with 2 DJs and different types of music. I would say that not only is it fun but it's great if you are on a budget!

Saturday nights at Ama-gi are quite cool as well. They bring in four DJs who play the best music from multiple genres. That's ideal if you are in a group of friends with mixed interests, if you ask me! Entry is £ 4 before 11 pm and again, there are deals on selected drinks.

Ama-gi is open 9.00-2.00 pm Monday through Thursday and 9.00-3.00 on Friday and Saturday.
The place also has other rivals in town so I suggest you go around and see what, where and which nights you like best. Hope that gave you at least some general idea of what to expect in that particular club!

P.S. You are searching for an alternative to Ama-gi? I would say that Hippodrome, a club situated right in the middle of town and a 1-minute walk from Kingston College is worth trying out.

Nights Out in Kingston

Posted 25 Dec 2013 by Rhian


'If like me, you don't always want your night out to include going to a club, but you still want a lively, fun night out with your friends, I know the perfect pub.

The Grey Horse

The pub is called The Grey Horse and it's about a two-minute walk away from Kingston train station down Richmond Road. The bar is very friendly and overall there's a pleasant and quirky atmosphere. The venue attracts groups of all ages so there's a great mixture of people to chat to. 

This pub is actually two venues in one, The Grey Horse and The Ram Jam Club and a lot of the time you'll find that there are two events happening at the same time. One of the main reasons why I love this pub is that there's an event every night of week! On Monday's there's pub quiz night which is loads of fun, on Tuesday's there's live music such as 'Jon Bird's Big Bird Band'. On Thursday, Friday and Sunday nights there's even more live music. Saturday nights are 'Crack Comedy' nights and many well known comedians have performed at the venue such as Michael McIntyre, Rhod Gilbert, Dara O'Brian and Stephen Merchant, as well as an array of live music. Wednesday's open mic night for all you musicians out there.  There's even film nights in the Ram Jam Club venue on Tuesday evenings! They show an array of films, old, new, B&W, musical and art-house. Some films include, Shutter Island, War Horse, Toy Story 3 and Social Network.

Over all, this is my favourite pub and I love going there for a night out with friends. There's a great atmosphere and there's always plenty of events to keep me entertained!'


Posted 22 Dec 2013 by Renai


Ciao beautiful people! 

Venice 1As I may have stated before, I really wanted to make the most out of being on this side of the globe by travelling as much as I can. So this reading week I went to VENEZIAAAA ITALIA!! (better known as Venice!!) I do not know any Italian at all (didn't stop me for trying, and they appreciated that) However, a lot of the people do speak English so it was pretty easy.

Now, even though I love to travel, sometimes it is just so expensive. When planning a trip, you have to factor the plane ticket, hotel/hostel stay, food, travel while you're there (especially if you are taking a tax to and from the airport), but don't let that deter you from travelling.

For Venezia, my friends and I got a really good deal on Groupon, less than £200 for the plane ticket and hotel stay (3 nights, 4 days) per person. The hotel where we stayed was a little out the city, but right by the bus stop which took us directly into Venezia in about 20 minutes, and whenever we were in the city we took the ferry, using a 3- day pass.

If you go Venezia, definitely check out the Rialto (you can walk or take the ferry, I did the former). The walk there alone is gorgeous due to the architecture and there are so many beautiful shops that sell murano glass souvenirs (I got my mother a murano glass wine opener), some of the most beautiful masks I have ever seen, and many others. Along the way there was a place that offers the fish pedicure, so we tried that. It wasn't as scary as I thought, it mostly tickled and my feet felt so smooth afterwards. Another place to see is Piazza San Marco, a beautiful public square with shopping plazas and restaurants (very pricey) that have live bands performing. I went there during the day and evening, and the latter is the best time to go. The lights and the atmosphere was romantic. I would definitely have my wedding there if I could.

The food is absolutely AMAZING! Since visiting, I have not enjoyed any pasta (even if I made it) in London. Everywhere we ate (try more local places rather than restaurants, the food is cheaper and tastes so much better) was good, and I was not shy from trying different foods. Besides pasta and pizza, I tried risi e bisi (somewhat like a risotto, with peas) sarde in saor (sardines with onions, pine nuts and raisins), and so much more. The desserts are so good, especially with some espresso. If you want real authentic gelato, avoid the ones that are mound shaped, and if you want pistachio, it should be brown, not green (learned that from the locals- green means colouring was added).

Venice We learned that the train station is not far from our hotel, and Milan was only a 2 hour train away (less than €50 round-trip, but price depends on when you go/purchase the ticket) so we decided to go there for a day. Through TripAdvisor (a great website to go when finding out about hotels, restaurants and things to do in different countries) we booked a day tour of Milan with Bike My Milan ( where we rode bikes to different sites, such as the Arco della Pace, Sforza Castle, and a museum, all the while our very fun and informative tour guide explained a lot of Italy's history.

This was one of the best times of my life, it almost feels like a dream. I am so excited to go to Rome next. If you guys been to Rome, please send some suggestions of where to go, stay, etc etc. or if you would like to share your experience visiting in Venezia, please do.  Ciao!

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