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At the Compact Sparkle eventThe end of my university adventure is fast approaching! I only have 11 more teaching weeks after Christmas and teaching finishes earlier than it has previously!  This year we finish on March 24th 2014, I do have a couple of exams in April and May but I really need to start thinking of what to do after university, as I have absolutely no idea still! I barely have even had time to think of such important topics due to the heavy workload in my final year.

The pressure really has got to me this year, unlike the other years as everything I do be it an in class test, coursework or examination it really counts for so much as the third year everything has a weighting of 80%, compared with 20% for year 2 and 0% for year 1. I am currently on for a First class degree, but I realize one slip up will end that ultimate goal, so I have to be super careful and take one step at a time. In order to get a first you need 70%, 2:1 is 60%, 2:2 is 50% and a Third (Pass) is 40%.
Although if I just studied 24/7 and did nothing else I wouldn't be able to cope or manage so funnily enough this year I've got more involved with other things outside of studying. I've done sailing and became the treasurer, play lots more football, get really involved with my student ambassador role and of course the social events that link in with these activities I do.

The other week I had a massive essay due on Friday and I went to a party for my ambassador work and everyone was telling me I should leave and finish off my essay, but I knew I had all night to work on it and in all honesty I work much better under pressure and it has always worked off for me in the past, so I thought why should I pass up on a fun party and change my style this late.

X Factor 2014?On the last day of term , hours after doing an all nighter I had a sailing party that I helped organise, it was a 50/60s theme party (Mid-century mash up).

I was really tired but had to attend and thought it would be a great way to end the semester and be a reward for doing the essay on time.

I had a little plan for the party; I went there dressed as myself, in a normal smart outfit, but then after a couple of hours I made up a random excuse and said my neighbour's house got burgled and said goodbye to everyone really early as a trick.

I then left and put on my 1960's TV show Batman outfit and went back!

My suprise reappearance as BatmanA lot of people didn't even recognise it was me! I even took to the stage  when the band had a break. Going home at 1am was even more fun as I was dared to cycle back home on my Batmobike (Bicycle) an 8 mile ride home from Kingston, and people were saying stuff like ‘hey Batman', ‘Look it's Batman he is real' and lots of car beeps and waves. It felt fun and something had I not gone to University I never would have been confident enough to do!

Final Year of my degree means I will be hanging out in the Library a lotAnyway for now I am going to have to stay in the library a bit over Christmas as I have a lot of reading to do, and need to crack on with my final year dissertation project which I will explain in my next blog.

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas!


I can't believe how quickly this term has gone! It's scary but exciting to think about how we will be finishing pretty soon and putting on our caps and gowns for graduation. This term has been so quick and full, it's crazy to think we all started out three years ago knowing nothing of what we do now. Of course, now is the time to start preparing for the end of university and going out into the big wide world!

I think what is great about being at Kingston is that I am not scared to head out, because there are so many people around to support us. Not only are our friends and families all there to support us as we take the next step, but the tutors and support of KU too.

This term has been great in understanding the pressure and time limitations we will have to face in the years to come. The illustrators have been put through their paces, faced with many quick projects, most of them in groups, and many of them working to live briefs with real industry clients. Us animators have also had the job of creating animated promotional films for Random House, which we went to pitch at Random House in London itself.

Our final project for the year was also a Production Bible, which is an book containing all of your research and testing, character designs etc. for your Final Major Project, which for the animators will be a film. The Production Bible is also something that is an industry product, so learning not only how to pitch to a real client, but also how to present your ideas in a professional way are two massively important lessons we have learned this term!

The tutors are really trying to prepare us now by giving us these projects, which will in term help us to prepare and create our graduating film, which we will do individually as a self-initiated project. Of course, there is also the dissertation to be doing over the Christmas break (lovely), but it will all pay off in the end. It's so important to put in the work and effort now! But anyway, Merry Christmas :D


Here is a quick question and answer guide to managing you time at university in regards to the following areas.

1. How realistic is it having a part time job while studying?

This is something that many people worry about however in my experience it is very doable and will give you great life experience. It will help you relate more with people, learn to manage your time, give you great references for future jobs and don't forget the extra money! I would advise that if you decide to get a part time job you shouldn't work more than 2 days a week because although having extra cash is great, you don't want your studies to suffer.

2. Will I have time to socialise while studying?
Yes! Absolutely! I think if you work hard, then you should also play hard. Make sure you assignments are done; revision is on track, that way when you're out having fun you won't feel guilty. Most people will have at least 1 day off uni so if you use that day to do all your uni work, the weekends will be free for socialising.

3. How can I minimise stress levels?
Be organised, get a diary, and find a group of friends you can study with so when it comes to revision you can all share ideas and immediately you will realise it's all going to be okay. Dancing, swimming, or even going to gym can help lower stress levels. If exercise isn't your thing, you can always go to a spa or get a massage. This doesn't have to be expensive; you can always get a friend to do it, and don't forget about the student discounts in town.

I hope you find this info helpful

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