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Throughout your university career everyone will tell you how important it is to make sure you get your work done on time, make the most of every opportunity and tons of other things that will look great on your CV; and quite frankly making yourself employable can be very hard work sometimes. That's why it's great to have at least some sort of a social life to blow off some steam. The "go-to" hang out spots for students looking to let their hair down will no doubt be one of the many upbeat nightclubs Kingston has to offer, but what if you're like me and not much of a bar crawler? Well there's something out there for us too!

The Rotunda

You'll see this place appear so many times in so many blogs because it's such a versatile place; it's just as entertaining at night as it is during the day. There's the ODEON cinema with 14 screens, a Ben & Jerry's ice cream stand and the AMBAR bar; then there's tenpin bowling, also with a bar and fast food outlets; David Lloyd Leisure if you feel like working up a sweat or just chilling and many  great restaurants with a new one on the way.

The Slug & Lettuce

If you like something a bit more up market then this is the place for you. A personal favourite of mine, during the evening it's a restaurant, with varied menu it even serves mock tails if you don't feel like waking the next morning with a hangover. At night it transforms into a full-fledged wine bar with music, bouncers, and everything - though it doesn't have the complete nightclub feel so you get the best of both worlds!


Situated opposite The Slug and lettuce, Carluccio's is an authentic Italian restaurant that looks way more expensive than it really is. So if you're in the mood for some Italian and you've got some time and a bit of money to spare then this is the place for you.

Other Restaurants

If there's one thing that's in abundance in Kingston it's restaurants. They're dotted all around Kingston; some of which include favourites like Nando's and TGI Friday's, to smaller ones like La Tasca , Las Iguanas and Jamie Oliver's restaurant (I'm really not sure if that's its name or not!), but doesn't matter what you feel for on your night out there's bound to be something for you.

Rose Theatre/Arthur Cotterell Theatre

If you're a bit more dramatic or not feeling for food then the theatre is another option. There's a misconception when people think about the theatre that it's going to be something like Les Miserables but the truth is there are so many things that go on. The Rose theatre has an oval shaped stage, semi-circular seating and a pit area where audiences can sit on cushions to watch performances and has had many big named celebs grace its stage. Similarly the AC theatre which is located in Kingston College, is not only used for productions by student and independent theatre groups but it's also a used for events in Kingston including concerts, dance events and talks.


if you're a pub person then this is for you! Kingston has plenty of options in this department, including favourite like The King's Tun, The Ram, Hart's Boatyard, The Waggon and Horses and plenty more.


Posted 30 Nov 2013 by Luke


Luke's DissertationI feel like as students, we either really look forward to the time we have to write our dissertations, or we absolutely dread it. For me, it was the second one. Until you find something that really interests you, it's hard to get into the planning, research etc but when you've got it, and it clicks, the feeling is quite amazing. To think you can go from absolute dread and misery, losing sleep about the thought of failing your degree, to the highest levels of optimism and enthusiasm, really is great. To get to that point though, the key is preparation.

I guess what I'm trying to get at is your degree is three years long and although the first year is worth nothing towards your actual classification, it is definitely equally, if not more, important. In your early days at Uni you'll learn so much base knowledge which if you don't know come third year, you are more than likely going to fail, or at least spend an extra 87487 hours in the library! No third year wants to spend longer in the library than already needed. Of course first year is all about booze runs, partying, avoiding the library and skipping lectures, right? OF COURSE! But this can all be done as well as learning the basics (which might not be so basic.)

Life will be SO much easier if you put the work in early on, and then the third year will be a breeze. That doesn't mean getting bogged down with tones of reading though. Just make sure you do the core stuff, and try drag yourself out of bed to make those 9 o'clock lectures! The University library is always like a sauna in the winter so for those of you who can barely afford toilet roll, let alone heating in your student house, you can just spend your hung over mornings doing some light reading! That's what they told me anyway...

Staying Safe on a Night Out

Posted 29 Nov 2013 by Rebecca


Hi again!

Many of my friends and myself are now in third year, hence we're far too busy to go out regularly at night, but I live in the middle of town, so I still see the crowds of students trudge from one night club to the next, enjoying their well-deserved nights out on town. Kingston (and naturally London too) has a good selection of clubs and other venues for going out and so the streets at night are usually busy, especially on weekends. Now, I've got nothing against going a little crazy, but here are some tips just to ensure you stay safe!

Although Kingston is consistently rated among the safest of all London boroughs by the Metropolitan Police, it is wise to take some precautions:

  • 1) When you are getting ready to go out, make sure you have everything you need (keys, money, Oyster Card, phone) and store it safely. Either in your front pockets or in a small bag you can keep close. It may be worth considering taking only cash and leaving your card at home. If your bag does get lost or stolen, you won't have the hassle of getting a new debit card. Also it prevents you from overspending.
  • 2) Try and go out in a group of friends, especially if you don't know the town well. A mixed group is always more fun on a night out and you're less likely to get into an unwanted situation if you have friends around you.
  • 3) I know its an old one, but watch your drink. If you buy something, keep your eyes on it and don't give it to others. If you let someone else buy you a drink then make sure you watch the bar tender make it and take it directly from them.
  • 4) As well as checking what you're drinking, make sure to monitor how much you are drinking. Know your limits! Consider that going out doesn't require you to drink; you can have fun while you are sober too. Especially, if you're designated to drive others home!
  • 5) When going home, make sure you're with friends if possible. Ideally, share a minicab or a taxi home. But be careful; only use black cabs or pre-booked mini cabs. Oftentimes, illegal unbooked minicabs wait around outside clubs waiting for passengers, these cabs are unregulated and uninsured and simply not safe.
  • 6) Lastly, listen to your gut instinct. If you're in a club or bar and you don't feel safe, then it's best to let your friends know and leave. If someone is making you feel uncomfortable, try to get away from them and alert club staff if necessary. Don't try and be too brave or confrontational, it's always better to be the bigger person and to walk away from a situation than to wake up with a black eye.
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