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A Busy Life...

Posted 28 Nov 2013 by Jane


November appears to be the month in which all my first semester in-course assessments happen. Within the next few weeks I am giving three presentations for three different modules, writing a practical proforma and sitting an in-class test. We were given the deadlines a while ago and this gave me the opportunity to be able to fit everything in without panicking. This is as well as normal lectures, studying and work so I'm very glad I'm an organised student!

I managed to find three days off together at the end of reading week where I visited my family in France-the French have November 1st as a public holiday for All Saints Day and it was also school holidays on both sides of the channel, so on the way home Calais was rammed full of the English returning home and the French getting their shopping done!

Now the clocks have changed as well it is a lot easier to speak to my friends in Australia and New Zealand. The time difference is now 11-13 hours (depending on where they are) and it saves one of us being up really late or really early to talk. One of my friends in New Zealand turned 21 this week and a 21st birthday is a big deal over there so I sent a package for her.

The setup of the academic year changed for 2013/14 and we don't have exams in January anymore so I am very much looking forward to a Christmas break, rather than spending Christmas frantically revising. I'll be working over Christmas itself in the pub as we're open Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Boxing Day and I like to work so that the staff with kids can have time with them. I'm also planning to revise the modules so far-I have good intentions but it might not happen!

I've managed to completely reconnect with my Uni friends since term started and although I live in the town where I've lived all my life and I have friends here, I also love my Uni friends. My friends in Kingston are from all over the World and most of them have my shared interest in Science. A lot of my Kingston friends are other Student Ambassadors and it's nice to sit down and have a coffee with them!


"What did you wear in the eighties?" I asked my mum a couple of weeks ago.

80's Themed PartyI was having a dilemma. I'd been invited to an eighties themed birthday party, and I needed inspiration. I was born in 92', so just shy of an 80's kid myself, and I'd always kinda resented this. It sounds weird, but in my opinion, all of the best stuff was made in the eighties! And don't forget Calvin Harris has "got love for you if you were born in the eighties!"

The music, the movies, the clothes! Wow, the height of pop culture.  I adore 80's music, and decided to go with that theme. I toyed with the idea of a 'Salt n Pepper' costume, but my European friends weren't sure, and for that I'd need a partner. I eventually decided to go as Boy George from the Karma Chameleon video, because I love that song and his outfit is epic.

Mum wasn't much help actually, as she didn't have any old 80's clothes she'd been keeping. I mean, she's obviously too current on the fashion scene! I researched on Google and basically had the idea that I was going to wear an oversized shirt with all of the buttons done up, with jeans and 'sneakers'. Anyway, I went to this awesome shop in Covent Garden called Rockit that sells vintage clothes quite cheap. I bought this cool oversized tweed blazer as I figured it would look good with the shirt.

Now, you can probably see from the pictures my hat is colourful ribbons. I made the hat myself, with string and ribbons I bought form a haberdashery shop in Putney. It took me AGES! I swear, you would not think that it would be that hard, but it was. I had to buy textile glue, but it wouldn't stick. So, I bought superglue, but that didn't work either. Eventually I just used the standard scellotape I had floating around in my kitchen draw and it finally worked! So annoying that I went to the shops twice for adhesives, when I had the tape there all along.

80's PartyAnyway, some of my friends came around to my house first, and we worked on my make-up. Boy George was famous for wearing lots of makeup, so I wanted to do the same. I had bright eyes and far too much blusher, but it was fun trying to get it right. The party was being held in my friend's house. She has like 7 housemates, so her house is huge. It was amazing; everybody had really gone all out to get awesome outfits. We all had shots when we arrived, and there was 80's music playing of course. She also had some really cool decorations for the house, and there were even space hoppers, which we all had lots of fun with.

She had some epic music playing, and the highlight of the night has to be everybody drunk, all dressed up, singing at the top of their voices to Journey - Don't Stop Believin'. What an amazing night, I will definitely remember it as a highlight of my uni experience.

There has been talk of a similar night after Christmas, dedicated to the 90's - OUR DECADE! Now this, I could like. Bring out the Spice Girls and S Club 7!

See ya!


A Gap Summer!!

Posted 25 Nov 2013 by Ellie


Walking to Macchu PicchuBefore I started my degree I had to do an art foundation course, this was a year long course that is vital if you are thinking about doing art at university.

But whilst I was still in further education nearly all my friends were earning money and travelling around the world on gap years! At first I always thought of my foundation as a replacement for a gap year however I realised this didn't have to be the case! Having been pretty jealous of all my friends adventures I made the decision that I was also going to travel too but not during a gap year but a gap summer! Woo!

After my foundation year I knew I had a long summer until I started my degree in September. SO I took this opportunity to work hard (mostly on random catering shifts) for the first few weeks of this long summer and then spent the rest travelling around Asia for 6 weeks! This was incredible and really helped keep my travelling bug at bay for at least a few years UNTIL THIS YEAR when I decided again I would work hard for the first initial weeks of summer and then spend the rest of the summer travelling to South America (although this time it was a little more expensive than I had intended! eek)

Lima Water FountainsBUT just because you've missed the chance of a gap year doesn't mean you can't take advantage of the long summers in between each year at university, which usually are as long as 10 weeks! Another great thing about travelling in the summers of university is that you will also be travelling with your best friends from university! Its inevitable that you loose touch with home friends even just a little so to travel with the people you are also sharing the best times with at uni is just an amazing thing!

Now, earning the money shouldn't be too horrific! I have three part time jobs which are all very flexible and I never let them get in the way of uni, but I work often enough that I can save the money for things I love doing such as travelling! Also this is the one time in your life where you will be able to be so far into your overdraft with no interest!! ;) 

Everyone will leave Uni in a little debt so why not make it because you've travelled the world rather than spending too much clubbing or shopping!

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