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Posted 21 Nov 2013 by Chelsey


Hi guys,

Long time no speak! It has been SO hectic recently, now I'm back at uni. I began my 2nd year of the Law course in September and it is definitely a step up from year one!

I'm doing four brand new modules, Criminal Law which is really interesting and nowhere near as gory as you'd imagine. Tort Law which is all to do with negligence and civil claims. European Union law which I've previously learnt a bit of before so it's not too bad, and then my elective this year is Medical Law and Ethics, which I am just loving!

Medical Law is so interesting and I've decided I want to specialise in the Health /Clinical Law area when I graduate, which has been a huge and exciting decision. That's another thing that's making everything so busy now, because I'm working really hard at getting some good experience on my CV, having realised that my 1st year flew by without me really noticing. Everybody says how important work experience is, and it's so true!

So in that vein, I've been doing lots of research in the medical/health law field and also trying to write to niche firms that work in the area, to try and get an in. I've also really luckily been offered the amazing chance to go to Parliament and work with a Health Minister which I'm thrilled to bits about. I'm going in less than a week, and I can hardly wait!

Along with the medical law experience, I'm also at the stage where I have been applying for next year's Vacation Schemes. If you don't know, VS's are a summer scheme where you get experience of a solicitors firm. Hopefully you make a good impression, and you are invited to apply for their Training Contract, which is a job you get when you graduate your degree and the Legal Practice Course.

So with all that I am also working for KUSA when I can to get some extra cash, and also I'm working pro bono for KU's Community Legal Advice Centre, and training for a national mediation competition, and working at my courseworks for the year. In between I'm trying to schedule in weekends to see friends and family back home. It's all very hectic but I love being on the go all of the time. It makes me far more productive, because I get up early and get out of the house, out and about, getting things crossed off my long 'To Do List'. But I do love a lazy day too!

On another note, Christmas is approaching and I CAN'T WAIT! Back home, in Lincoln we have a huge Christmas Market and I'm going with all of my friends. It's absolutely brilliant, walking around our beautiful historic city, with the cathedral and the castle, it's all dark and ethereal. There are so many stalls selling all kinds of delicious treats and gifts. The mulled wine is a particular favourite!

Speak soon!


Internship: Round 2

Posted 19 Nov 2013 by Chloe


Well I can definitely say that I have never been this busy so quickly!

I already feel like I am at the end of the year, and technically we are still on the first project! It's been back to back work, straight into the deep end stuff but it's been great so far. Having to be organised and constantly being busy keeps you really motivated to do the work and you know that you will enjoy the breaks a lot more haha!

Just before I came back to London I was emailed by King Bee, an animation studio based at Elstree Studios, asking as to whether I would like an internship. Of course I said yes! Luckily, the lead animator was happy for me to do the majority of my work from my home, as not only are Elstree Studios a good couple of hours on the train, but I had to be in most days for uni.

My first project with them has just been completed, where I was designing a character for a television programme promo that they will be pitching! The work was a lot of fun and I really enjoyed creating the character and animating him in a very short period of time. I had to be super organised as I have my uni work to do as well and of course dissertation work to do!

Luckily it all went really well, and hopefully I will be getting some more work from them soon, but it will have to be after this university project is finished otherwise I'll never get any sleep!

I was really happy that I decided to do this as though it meant a lot of extra work and time management, work outside of university is so good for your C.V., website, portfolio etc. - it shows your capability at managing projects and completing work to deadlines, and also helps you with your personal time management.

It's super important, especially with art degrees, that you try to get a bunch of experience while you are studying as it will help to build your portfolio for future jobs. It's a known fact that out in the working world you need a bit of experience under your belt, as well as confidence and of course, skill, so getting internships/placements is a great bonus!

We had a talk about the dissertation a couple of weeks ago, and they were talking about KU Talent, which is Kingston University's careers advice and job opportunities branch. It's great to look through, they have events to sign up to, and a JobShop as well for not only part-time work for while you are studying, but available internships and placements! I I didn't know much about KU Talent, but I would definitely have a look through it as it's a great tool.

So use the university's resources as well as your own to look for internships and placements available!


What's a frog's favourite drink?

Croaka Cola!

Thank you, thank you! I'm here all week.


Okay, so that one isn't one of mine. My jokes are hopefully of a higher standard than your average Christmas cracker special.

In case you hadn't guessed by now, my blog this month is all about my baby steps into the high octane world of stand-up comedy. As part of my Drama module 'Popular Performance 2' I was given the opportunity to perform in Kingston University's bi-semesterly cabaret night at the Fighting Cock's pub in Kingston.

I was clearly suffering a brief moment of madness as I said yes. Three days before the show. THREE DAYS!

What was I thinking? I had three days to create something that people would find funny, and my sense of humour tends towards the... shall we say vaguely surreal end of the comedy spectrum. Obviously I couldn't just rely on writing stuff that would make me laugh, so I had to find a niche that everyone could identify with and find amusing.

Then it hit me - Internet Dating! My love life for the most part is a walking disaster area filled with creeps, weirdos, and me making a complete tit out of myself. I might as well make something positive from my misery.

So the show rolled around and I was on second, right after a good friend of mine who did some political satire about Vladimir Putin...

Now I don't actually remember what happened after that - some would say because of the adrenaline, most would blame it on the vast quantity of Lambrini my act involved. All I remember is people laughed! The magical sound of the audience laughing because they found the living hell that is my life funny! YES!

It was simultaneously the most terrifying and most exhilarating moment of my entire life so far - So much so, I'm doing it again at Christmas!

If you fancy a decent night out, or just want to watch me make a fool out of myself feel free to come along - Thursday December 12th 2013, Fighting Cock's Pub, Old London Road, Kingston. Entry is about £2 and since it's not just me performing there's bound to be at least one competent comic up there.

Also, my friend Jem is doing a contortionist act - what's not to love about a twenty year old girl climbing into a suitcase??

Sadly, much of my routine was a bit risqué and therefore probably shouldn't be reprinted here, but just to whet your appetites, here's something I can say on the internet:

'My boyfriend and I split up over religious differences. He thought he was God, and I disagreed.'

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