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Are you are worried about living costs and everyday expenses while living just outside of central London? If you are keep reading, this might be just for you!

Besides having the fantastic opportunity to talk to people personally at the Student Life Centre at Penhryn Road about all the financial aid you can receive, you can also get hands on with the matter yourself.

I am talking about getting a job and improving your diet by having a little extra cash that goes on beyond investing in multiple packs of instant noodles. You heard me right, balancing university with a job and a great dinner is possible!

The jobshop link on My KingstonThere are various ways you can find a job. Firstly, there is a JobCentre right in town. You can go in and there are machines that you can use, key in your preferences and browse through job offers. Finally, you can print off the ones that interest you.
Another way to find a job is through My Kingston- the main page you log onto with your KU ID number and password, once you have enrolled. On the right side, there is a tab called JobShop, which you can click on to find anything and everything from internships, through to part/full time job opportunities to graduate jobs. Easy!

Alternatively, you could also start off by printing 20 or so CVs, go around the area, into the shops that interest you, and ask to speak with the managers. You need to make sure you look presentable and have at least basic knowledge of the store/pub/industry. You also need to be enthusiastic and eager to work.

If you have absolutely no clue how to build up your CV or how to write a cover letter, fear not! There are people at Kingston University who can help you with that.  In order to receive help with your CV, cover letter and general employability advice:
- You need to make sure that you have liked your faculties employability KU Talent page on Facebook (Business and Law, Arts and Social Sciences, Science, Engineering and Computing, Art, Architecture and Design ).  Through their updates, you'll be able to see all the upcoming events for the year such as the next CV workshop or info on the next part-time jobs fair.
- It would be good if you give a little love to the Facebook page for Careers and Employability. No pressure, it's just that your odds at finding a job would be increased if you go along to the suggested events and workshops.

The more information you have about the job market, the better choice you'll be able to make. The more people from the KU Talent & Careers and Employability teams know your face, the better your odds are at being recommended for positions.
The university also works as a sort of a recruitment agency. Companies come to the university, or send e-mails, asking for students for various positions. Most students are recommended on the basis of being passionate, attending various events and through making connections at and with the people who attend them.

Finding a job is not an easy matter, so don't get discouraged. I've found almost all of the jobs that I've worked (some of which I am currently still doing) during my university career through Kingston's JobShop and I've been to CV & cover letter workshops and I can guarantee that they are very useful.

My point is.. help is there, if you need it, you just need to learn to ask and look for it. My other point is that you have to be patient. In the meantime, instant noodles will increasingly become more and more tasteless.

It’s good to be back!

Posted 16 Oct 2013 by Kasia


I was a bit worried about it how would it be to come back to Kingston (and England in general) after such a long time of being away. I left London in May over a year ago and since then I've been all over Europe, Australia, New Zealand and South-East Asia. Coming back meant not only worse weather but the end of holidays and coming back to reality. I'm trying my best now not to make it grey.

As soon as I get off the train in Kingston to head for my first lecture, I was happy to be back. I couldn't wait to meet all the friends from the first year and feel the atmosphere of the Penrhyn Road campus again. This year I have decided to live in London and commute to the university by train. In my first year I lived in New Malden and I worked in Kingston which made it easy to get everywhere by bike. But now I have a feeling that it made me miss the experience of living in London. Being centred around Kingston I rarely had time or even will to catch the train to London, missing so much that is there to see and do! Now living within walking distance to the centre I'm only 25 minutes away from Kingston and I hope I can balance it better this time.

I know that there are also cons of living in London rather than Kingston and one cancelled train which made me late for the lecture painfully reminded me about it. Surely I will miss relying on myself when I was late only because I overslept not because of signal problems at Waterloo. But I guess that after a while and experiencing both options I will have a right to say what works out better for me. But if you would like some more insight and/or comparison of both living in Kingston and London, just ask me and I will be happy to assist you with your choice the best I can.

Now I just need a job to give me some peace of mind (and money for rent), decide on my dissertation and start working on it (oh yes, it is a final year and they won't let me forget about it) and I'm sorted! :D
Have a good academic year everyone!


Making the most of Summer

Posted 15 Oct 2013 by Bryn


Now that everyone is back in the swing of things, getting on with studying and catching up with friends, I just wanted to chat a little about the importance of summer. Now I'm sure you're thinking that the summer break is solely for exotic trips to Asia etc (by all means do go there, I sure did). But the summer is also a chance to get ahead, for example, I was able to secure 3 placements/interns with some pretty large companies; MasterCard, Monsoon Accessorize Ltd. and BT.

It's a chance for myself to use what I've learned over the past couple years and put it to the test so to speak. Along with that I'm able to prove to employees in these companies that I'm good at what I do, and possibly encourage them to employ me once I've graduated. If not however, I then have these respected names on my CV, which in turn adds to my credibility as a marketer.

What I'm trying to stress is that you must take full advantage of the time you are given, don't go home over the summer and sit in front of the TV and wait for the next year to start. Get out there and gain as much as possible. It's not enough anymore to come out of University with just a degree, you need to have had completed some form of professional experience.

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