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Someone once told me that doing an application was just like doing a mini essay and they were RIGHT! As you may (or may not) know some courses offer you the chance to complete a yearlong industrial placement before your third year, my course being one of those, but before you can actually do the placement (and earn loads of money while doing it) you have to apply, and I hate applications; they're long, tedious but are a crucial part of the working life which is why I've come up with some tips to help me breakdown the whole process that I think will definitely help you guys when the time comes:

  • Start Early- you may think you have loads of time because it's the start of the year right? Wrong! So many applications close within the first semester so it's a case of the early bird gets the placement, you might find you have a million deadline on one day if you leave it too late.
  • Make friends with the staff in the placement office- their job is to help you nab that placement but they won't know whose looking for one if you don't let them know you're interested. They can help you with the CV/Cover letter, the actual application, mock interviews & psychometric tests, but they also act as recruiters and can personally refer you to a company if you fit their requirements but only if you go to them.
  • Set aside adequate time- as I said before applications are long but they are the first point of contact the recruitment team will see, so no pressure but your application has to be good or you'll get chucked in the reject pile; a good application takes time, concentration and the truth (what goes around comes around right?) .
  • Be smart about it- although most applications will vary slightly essentially they are all asking the same thing, they want to know your work history if (any) current/previous education information & grades (this is where the dreaded UCAS points rears its head), and some questions gauging why you want to do a placement with them/ what makes you stand out/ what can you offer them. For the most part you have one set of this information or one reason for applying and it won't change so go back to your old friend copy and paste - it's not cheating because it's all true and it's all yours it just saves you time; although you should obviously read the questions carefully so you answer correctly.
  • Don't put your eggs in one basket- this is never good in most situations, you may think your good enough to get it that top company but nothings guaranteed; similar to when you were applying to university, you'd want to apply to many other companies just so you have a contingency if the worst happens, you may get multiple replies which is better than the alternative of applying to one and get rejected with no plan B, you never know the one that comes through might not be the one you expected.


Posted 18 Mar 2014 by Gemma


Being so close to London, means that we're only a few miles away from the west end and a tonne of amazing theatres. If you're into the arts, and going to see musicals, dramas and other plays then you'll love the London theatre scene!
Last month, my Mum came to stay with me for a few days - which was really lovely as we don't get to spend much time together since I live away for a large part of the year. Whilst she was down we decided to go to see a couple of musicals as we both enjoy going to the theatre when we can! My Mum is a big Dirty Dancing fan, so I bought her some tickets for a midweek performance (a quick tip of mine would be to try and book tickets for a midweek performance as often the theatres don't sell out, and you often get upgraded so you get better seats!). I bought cheap tickets for about £25 each for the upper circle, however we got given tickets in the stalls, which were valued at almost double the price! The show was great, and although I had never seen the film - I really enjoyed the performance and so did my Mum!

Matilda the MusicalWe also bought tickets for 'Matilda', as it was one of my favourite films when I was a kid so we thought we should see it. These tickets were a little more expensive because we went to a Saturday evening showing but I think they were well worth the price! Of all the musicals I have seen in London, I definitely think that this was one of the best yet! The children performing were amazing, the audience were in awe! How they remember all those lines I will never know! The story line is changed a little however it works so well on stage and I would definitely go and see it again! All the music is by Tim Minchin too, so that was an added treat!

As well as the main west end theatres in London, there are lots of smaller ones which house plays of smaller capacities. For Christmas, I bought one of my housemates tickets to go and see Othello being performed by the Icarus theatre group in Enfield. The tickets for this were extremely cheap, at only £7 each (small theatres often do deals for under 25's) and the theatre was really small and intimate. The theatre itself housed around 250 people and was really small, which made the play feel more personal, and to add to the personal effect - me and my friend ended up being on the same train home as the actors! J

So overall, another of my tips is to go and see as many plays as you can in London, (especially at cheap prices!!).

Module Choices...

Posted 17 Mar 2014 by Laura


It's now the time of year where many of us KU students have to start thinking about our choice of modules for next year.This is extra important for me as it is my last year of University so the grades count even more than before. It is actually quite a daunting period as I think its important to have a good variety of modules studied as well as one or two which you have specialised in. For example I specialised in Marketing Applications last year. 

On my course at Kingston (and it may be the same for others), I have the choice of whether the do a dissertation or not. I'm 100% sure I am as I think they look good on your CV. It can be really interesting for you as you can focus on an area which interests you. It is an achievement and it can provide a lot to talk about with future employers, as opposed to just another exam.

One thing I would say is there is a good variety of choices to pick from when you select your module choices for year two and year three! Which is great for having a bit of variety.

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