Holidays and study leave!

Holidays and study leave!

Posted 4 Jan 2012


London AquariumBefore going home I had a nice trip to the Aquarium in Central London with my Mum and little sister. I don't know what I was expecting but it was amazing! It is underground so there is a lot of space. They have lots of smaller things at the beginning, luring you into a false sense of security, but by the time you get further in the place they hit you with all the big sharks, and the huge, giant tortoises. It was a great day out and when we left, the London Eye looked so pretty in the dark.

My Christmas holidays though were quite honestly a bit of a blow out! The peak of which was the gas and electric being cut off right in the middle of me cooking Christmas dinner, which I had to throw together at the last minute after our plans fell through. Luckily I have a very well prepared ‘boy scout' for a Dad! Before long we had the dinner finished off camping style and a very apologetic phone call from the gas company, who didn't get anything fixed till the next day.

By New Years I was in Kingston and back at work, with the extra responsibility of house-sitting for some friends; although I can't deny I loved spending time with their dog Mac. I sometimes really miss having a pet and Mac is just great!

With all this stress, the building thought of ‘I am not revising enough' and a big dance show coming up, I requested a long absence from work at the pub. This has taken a huge weight off my shoulders...

It is now well into January and there is always so much to do!!!! On Thursday and Friday I worked with other ambassadors Adam, Racha and Holly at Surrey University. We were helping some Kingston staff facilitate a session at an Aim Higher conference for year 9 and 10 students. The aims of the sessions were to highlight the key steps to get from GCSE's to finishing a degree. It was good fun, with lots of games to keep our minds active throughout. Yesterday I had some really tough group rehearsals for the dance competition, and I am so tired all the time as I am still getting over a cold. But I am still not giving up on revision!!!!

OK so I didn't get a massive amount of studying done, or in fact rehearsing for my solo today, but the fact is I did SOME. I worked out, chilled-out doing pilates and Yoga, took a nap which I really needed, finally decided on which flights to choose for my mini get-away to Holland and booked the darned things (£20 more each way then yesterday grrr).

Now all I have to do before the beginning of a brand new semester at the end of the month is: pass four exams, make it through Belly dance Trophies competition, book a hotel in Holland, and go on my trip to Holland. Clearly only the easy stuff left to do then!!!!!!

Thanks for reading! Charlie.

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