So why study History of Art, and why at Kingston?


Ship Tavern PubTerm is now in full swing, and it's brilliant! I'm busier than ever, just about finding time to get some work done in between all the socials out in central and chilling on the sofa with my house mates. Last week I did some filming for Ask Us, and was asked to talk about why I'd promote studying History of Art at Kingston. So I thought I'd devote this week's blog to a bit about my course, tied in with a bit of what I've been up to recently so that you can see what it’s like to study it, or just to live and study in Kingston in general.

I chose to study at Kingston following an open day spent here, soaking up the atmosphere at creative and quirky Knights Park, chilling by the river in the SU and wandering about the town. I spoke to students about the course and it confirmed my interest in studying it. Having lived and studied here for three years I can confirm that it was definitely the right choice for me. I studied History of Art at A Level, but it is by no means a prerequisite to studying it at Kingston, as long as you're passionate! People often see History of Art as a really restricting subject, but the course has proved there are so many opportunities available to me when I graduate; from the obvious working in museums, to auction houses, to publishing and the film industry. It has set me up with the skills I need for venturing into many fields of the creative industry, and the links available through the course are invaluable too. Studying History of Art at Kingston gives you membership to the Institute of Contemporary Arts in London, who offer internships, lectures and access to lots of exhibitions and events for free. I also managed to get voluntary work at Dorich House Museum through the universities links.

Ship Tavern Pub

As well as all the academic and work opportunities available, the social life is brilliant. This week I went on an amazing social with the Movies Art Design society. We all met at the Wallace Collection in London, where we were given a brief tour by 'Marie Antoinette,' dressed in costume. It was hilarious and a great way of finding out more about the collection and the history of the house in relation to her story. What's more, entrance was free so it was a great way to spend a cheap afternoon out. Whilst we were there we saw Hugo from Made in Chelsea in the restaurant, hilarity and gossip ensued- there's nothing like a bit of celeb spotting in central London to make you fall in love with it. We then went on a 'historical pub crawl' around Holburn, a part of London I hadn't explored properly until then. The great thing about studying in Kingston, is that there's no excuse to ever be bored; with so many varied, interesting and exciting places just a short train ride away. We started off at 'The Ship Tavern' which was a really ancient tiny pub. It caught me completely by surprise; a two minute walk from the lights and traffic of commercial Bond Street, down a tiny alley and through a miniature oak door, it was like stepping back in time to Victorian London. It truly summed up the diversity of London and the places you can visit.

This week, in between 'dissertationing', I'm meeting up with some relatives and heading to Cecil Beaton's exhibition at the V&A. This is why I love Kingston! Where else can you pop to some of the country's biggest exhibitions in the world in between chilling by the river, a stone's throw from both the chilled out English countryside and the buzzing metropolis of central London?!

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